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Loyola University Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Loyola University Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Loyola University Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This hospital ignored my wishes to be discharged and sent me a huge bill for services that I did not ask for. Ended up having to take my own IV out. Do not go here, they don't respect patient wishes and have some of the highest charges out there since they're private. Not to mention I waited all day for services. I could not be more upset. The same exact visit at Oak Park hospital cost me $130 after insurance where Loyola cost $1000. Don't go here. (a week ago)


Amazing staff. Such a great experience! Nobody wants to be hospitalized, but there generally isn’t a choice. My Father was transferred here and I couldn’t ask for better care (a month ago)

Ever since my sibling was diagnosed with cancer, I have never experienced such completely incompetent, rude, and negligent staff. I get a phone call from the nurse taking care of her. I ask her specific questions about the surgery, but she only reading a tiny portion of the record; it was obvious she didn't want to expend the effort to read her chart information, and just wanted get off the phone. So, she states she will have a nurse practitioner call me back in a few minutes. NO CALL. She was rude and got mad at my sister, who is laying there suffering. She needed to be catherized, but this fool of a nurse didn't even have the skill to insert it, and hurt her, which gave my sister such trauma, 3 other people tried to insert a catheter, but her uterus was so traumatized, they could not. Can you believe this? I forgot to mention that in a second call to my sister's room, this nurse answered the phone, & said she was doing something to my sister, so I could not talk to her now. Yes, trying to insert a catheter like the incompetent "nurse" she was. Now, my sister is still sitting in bed, waiting for them to get someone who will try this again. And, by the way, Loyola is the only hospital I have EVER went to that charges even patients who come for visits or tests $5 to park there! What a poor excuse of what at one time was a high quality hospital. (a month ago)

The worst hospital in the immediate western suburban vicinity! Filthy, antiquated equipment, horrific non trustworthy security, heartless staff, if you simply must go to this hospital I suggest you go to your local funeral home first! My 93 year old Mom fell and broke her hip. They took her to Loyola for admission. She was a loyal patient having worked there for 25+ years in pediatrics. We waited from 2:30pm - 1am for a room and once we received one it was deplorable. Dust and cobwebs greeted us. There was no dinner table tray, a broken bed and no dresser/nightstand to store things. Not to mention I was informed that I couldn’t stay in the room with my Mom because another patient was being admitted and being Caucasian, they felt unsafe with the presence of a African American male staying overnight. I was forced to stay in the visitors waiting room. Sunday night around midnight my Mother’s roommates daughter came and found me because a Dr was in the room insisting that my Mother consent to immediate surgery for blood clots in her lungs. I asked them to leave the room so I could talk to my Mom privately. Not 5 minutes into our privacy the very same Dr came back in the room to say that they’d made a mistake the CAT was read I correctly. 😳 Then to add insult to energy, during our stay my laptop was stolen from Moms room. The Keystone Cops were horrible and unprofessional. So much so, I had to call the Cook County Sheriff’s office to get a report done. Patient relations is a joke as well. They told me they don’t replace electronics, only dentures! Luckily Mom was released and transferred to a rehab facility where she’s receiving proper treatment and care. By l means STAY AWAY from this place. The life and belongings you save may be your own. (4 months ago)

Great Hospital and out patient services. The nurses were wonderful - competent, caring. The doctors were available and explained procedures well. Medications were administered promptly. (a month ago)

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