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Founded nearly 50 years ago, Lower Bucks Hospital provides comprehensive medical care in the area of cardiology, radiology, home care and other areas.

Lower Bucks Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bucks County, PA.

Lower Bucks Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lower Bucks Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I went to this hospital back in 2014 with some serious abdominal pain. Other than the fact that the ER nurse was a little slow to get things moving (I was the only one in the ER), they saved my life and gave me the care that I would call EXCELLENT! I ended up needing an emergency surgery do to internal damage. I was also made aware that I had sepsis which was extremely dangerous. I was put in a coma for 2 days and then I was in ICU for 6 more days. Everyone from the surgeon to the nurses treated me like they really care. I was never in any pain or discomfort while I was under their care. The surgeon told me that if I had waited another 24-48 hours, I more than likely could have died. So in in the end, I owe my life to the staff at Lower Bucks Hospital for doing what they do best. (3 weeks ago)

I wish I could leave negative stars for all the people who actually think this hospital should even still be standing. For 20 years I have occasionally visited the ER and the service is exceptionally HORRIFIC. IF YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR HOSPITALS go to ARIA or anywhere else BUT Lower Bucks Hospital. I hope this at least saves one person from experiencing the treatment I have received. They poke you with needles over and over again missing the veins leaving bruises because they're either masochistic or lacking in education/skill. The waiting time to be seen by a Dr. has gotten faster (probably because less and less of the community use this hospital anymore). The OBGYN checks pregnant women's cervix, with only two fingers it feels like rape the way he shoves his hand so hard. If you're honest about your drug HISTORY you are treated like a drug addict and left in immense pain even though your cause for medication is valid. I once visited someone dear to me in the trauma center. Two giant binders with his name on it were left on a counter unattended for ten minutes until i interrupted the staff. Your personal information is not even safe there. Oh, and it costs about $2,000 for one IV of saline solution after 4-5 hours of waiting to see a Dr. who then tells you he can do nothing else. The people working here are extremely judgmental and ignorant to true medical treatment. I refused to deliver my baby there. Tonight was the last time I will ever give them a chance. (a week ago)

This is an update to previous reviews. I had been excited when I first noticed positive change here at Lower Bucks. I wrote about the positive experiences here, the quality of care, helpfulness and professionalism. That's all gone. Apparently the corporation running things found aides/CNA's to be of little value and did away with them all. Seriously. Now that I'm thinking about my current experience, whoever USED to transport from the ED to a room. .....Gone A nurse had to do it. And get pillows, blankets, water. And took patients to the restroom or did the bedpan. Housekeeping seems to have been cut back to once a day? Every other day? Weekly? They used to be in and out of a room checking, cleaning or doing whatever needed to be done. This is just bad on every level. Much like another Medical Center (with a Catholic name) in Langhorne, pretty outer wrapping Trump's patient care. Why don't WE, as a community DO SOMETHING?? Raise your voice and SAY SOMETHING!? This is OUR community medical center!! Individually most of the (remaining) staff are awesome, caring, compassionate human beings and they're being taken advantage of, disrespected and unappreciated by the CORPORATION. It's a shame. I haven't been to the Medical Center in Langhorne for more than a year. Patient care was not so great. Lower Bucks was our Hospital of choice. No more. I will make my voice heard (besides here). Will you? (in the last week)

My husband spent a night here just 2 days ago. It was the worst experience ever. The staff is rude. And the staff does NOT care about you at all. They left my husband screaming crying all night and did nothing at all to help him. It was incredible. This is a hospital with drs there suppose to help you but they don’t. They wanted my husband to stay another night or two but unfortunately life stepped in like it does for everyone everyday. My husband unfortunately couldn’t stay not because he didn’t want to but because we have a 10 year old son he had to come home to and take care of. So we had to tell the hospital he unfortunately had to go. So they made him sign a paper and said sorry we can’t do anything else to help you. No kind of prescription to take home at all. They just all of a sudden didn’t care anymore. This is not the kind of hospital you want to go to. Take yourself or your loved one to a hospital that will care about you NO MATTER WHAT. (4 months ago)


I just spent a night at this hospital and it was the worst experience ever. The staff is very rude the place is disgusting and the doctors do not care anything about you at all. I was in excruciating pain screaming crying all night long and not one person in the whole hospital did anything to help me do not go to this hospital you will regret it. Drag yourself to any other hospital. You do not want to go to this place it’s the very worst ever. I give this place no stars please trust me go to any other hospital this place is Terrible. I HAD TO LEAVE THE HOSPITAL AGAINST THERE RECOMMENDATIONS BECAUSE I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF MY 10 YEAR OLD SON AND THEY JUST DIDN’T CARE. THEY WOULD’T GIVE ME ANY KIND OF MEDICATION FOR HOME. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. BECAUSE I HAD TO LEAVE THEY NO LONGER CARED ANYTHING ABOUT ME. THEY SAID HERE SIGN THIS AND YOUR ON YOUR OWN. WE CANT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. THIS IS A HOSPITAL AND DOCTORS SAYING THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU CAUSE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SON. UNBELIEVABLE. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE KINDA HOSPITAL YOU WANT TO GO TO? I DON’T THINK SO. BOTTOM LINE. TAKE YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL TRUST ME. (4 months ago)

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