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Founded nearly 50 years ago, Lower Bucks Hospital provides comprehensive medical care in the area of cardiology, radiology, home care and other areas.

Lower Bucks Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bucks County, PA.

Lower Bucks Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lower Bucks Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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My husband spent a night here just 2 days ago. It was the worst experience ever. The staff is rude. And the staff does NOT care about you at all. They left my husband screaming crying all night and did nothing at all to help him. It was incredible. This is a hospital with drs there suppose to help you but they don’t. They wanted my husband to stay another night or two but unfortunately life stepped in like it does for everyone everyday. My husband unfortunately couldn’t stay not because he didn’t want to but because we have a 10 year old son he had to come home to and take care of. So we had to tell the hospital he unfortunately had to go. So they made him sign a paper and said sorry we can’t do anything else to help you. No kind of prescription to take home at all. They just all of a sudden didn’t care anymore. This is not the kind of hospital you want to go to. Take yourself or your loved one to a hospital that will care about you NO MATTER WHAT. (2 months ago)

I just spent a night at this hospital and it was the worst experience ever. The staff is very rude the place is disgusting and the doctors do not care anything about you at all. I was in excruciating pain screaming crying all night long and not one person in the whole hospital did anything to help me do not go to this hospital you will regret it. Drag yourself to any other hospital. You do not want to go to this place it’s the very worst ever. I give this place no stars please trust me go to any other hospital this place is Terrible. I HAD TO LEAVE THE HOSPITAL AGAINST THERE RECOMMENDATIONS BECAUSE I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF MY 10 YEAR OLD SON AND THEY JUST DIDN’T CARE. THEY WOULD’T GIVE ME ANY KIND OF MEDICATION FOR HOME. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. BECAUSE I HAD TO LEAVE THEY NO LONGER CARED ANYTHING ABOUT ME. THEY SAID HERE SIGN THIS AND YOUR ON YOUR OWN. WE CANT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. THIS IS A HOSPITAL AND DOCTORS SAYING THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU CAUSE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SON. UNBELIEVABLE. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE KINDA HOSPITAL YOU WANT TO GO TO? I DON’T THINK SO. BOTTOM LINE. TAKE YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL TRUST ME. (2 months ago)

Do not, I repeat do not go through the emergency room for mental health related services as they will lock you in the back room and call the police to have you 302 ! This is how they get your money because the mental health department is run by a separate division and will apply for you to get welfare through the state all while setting you up literally for a month and 2 week stay ! They will also bill you after your stay and never complete the application for health insurance through the state ! Your bill will come from some doctors office in another state ! Sad what happened to the healthcare system ! You will have your credit history ruined for a long time after they bill you thousands from just a simple walk in ! They also sent my best friend who is now deceased over to silver lake after coming out paralyzed after I walked him in with his cane ! They also pumped morphine into my uncle for two weeks to ease the pain when he was having heart attacks ! My uncle is now dead ! The psych ladies in the mental health ward act like something right out the Michael Jackson thriller video and should fired for not showing compassion and lying on the paperwork ! They forge documents and make false accusations along with the main Dr. who signs off on the forged documents that should have his license revoked ! This place is filthy and you will get sick just going in the place ! The nurses in the mental health unit like to peek at you in the shower while you are completely naked and there excuse is they need to make sure you are ok ! I understand some people are really mentally ill but to treat everyone who is suffering from different illnesses, mine being withdraw from prescribed drugs from a Doctor, as clinically insane is unjust and unconstitutional. After taking myself there voluntarily and sitting by myself for 2 hours I said I was leaving to try a better hospital and the fun and games began ! (4 months ago)

Had an elderly family member who was recently admitted and because of their illness was creating some confusion which was new. My aunt was upset watching how confused he was getting and that's what led her to take him there. The staff was so nice and comforted her and let her know it can be normal when elderly people have infections to become forgetful or confused and just always kept so calm and nice even when he was acting up at times. They assigned a staff member to stay in the room with him for the first few days until he started to clear up from his sickness and return to himself. The doctors were so informative and kept us aware of everything . I loved the fact he had the same small group of doctors and nurses his whole stay who all knew what was going on. ( most bigger hospitals you never see the same person twice and none of them know what's going on) I will go back there every time . (4 months ago)

in a snow storm the other day my heart began to pump wildly and wouldn’t slow down. The ambulance service couldn’t give me a choice and I had to go to this hospital. When arriving at the ER the nurses were very nice and treated me very well. After the EKG and info about my health, the ER doctor walks in and tells me, with no compassion in his voice, that what is wrong with me is something that happens to many and there is nothing he can do for me. The nurse suggested something to slow my heart rate down and he said yes. When she came in to inject that into my IV, that doctor came back in and the nurse asked “does the doc make you nervous because your heart rate just shot way up” and yes, his ignorance to my situation made me not want him around. With a cardiologist being contacted, the decision was to keep me overnight and to do an echocardiogram the next day to see why heart rate was spiking like it was. It was downhill even more after that because now the staff in the hospital became salespeople to keep trying to make more money off my insurance. First was a hepatitisC test because I’m in that age group that the tv commercial talks about. Next was because I am an ex smoker of 40 years, they should do lung tests to make sure all is ok. Remind you, I was there with an over pumping heart. Then walks in another salesman who is asking if I will come back to have X-rays and other tests done when needed. Finally the cardiologist comes in and explains what I went through and tells me all else looks terrific with the heart and he feels no other test will be needed including the echocardiogram. I was happy and was waiting to be released. My heart did finally go back to normal on its own before the salesmen all came in my room. After sitting there for 3 more hours I asked nurse about leaving. She said the doc who needs to release me wanted more tests done. When he came in and I told him no more tests and to get paperwork ready for me to go, I was told that I don’t leave until he says so and not until those tests were done. My last words to him were “yeah, we will see who says I can leave”. I then took off my monitor, pulled out my own IV needles, got dressed and walked out of the room, into the elevator and left the hospital with no one questioning me, and if you were to see how I was looking, someone working there should have questioned me about something. NEVER GO THERE!!! (2 months ago)

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