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Lovelace Medical Center is a patient-centered hospital featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a round-the-clock emergency department that includes a dedicated area ...

Lovelace Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bernalillo County, NM.

Lovelace Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lovelace Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My 75 year old mother arrived by ambulance after a fall onto the pavement around noon on 04/26/18. The ambulance staff had bandaged her bleeding wounds, given her a short acting pain medication, and an ice pack for her rapidly swelling knee. The emergency room staff left her in an uncomfortable wheelchair, bleeding, with her hands and knee swelling. The ice pack she received in the ambulance was melted within 30 minutes. The nurses never offered her any care or asked if she needed anything while she waited for 2 hours for x-rays and another 2 hours for the normal results. We had to demand pain medication and bandages for her bleeding hand. After we had been waiting almost an hour (We were beginning to realize the nurses were not going to do anything), we asked for help because she was bleeding through the bandages the ambulance staff had applied and it still took more than 30 minutes after we asked for the nurse come and take her to bandage her bleeding arm and hand. This is the only actual care we received in the ER (She was taken to the main hospital for x-rays). I had to demand to see a supervisor in order to get the x-ray results. We never saw a doctor and the nurses recommended inappropriate pain medication given my mother's medical history. Several reviewers have said that they claimed to be short staffed, which they also told us, but there were never more than 10 patients in the ER waiting room the whole time we were there and only 2 when we left. They did not even offer help us get her into the car even though she couldn't walk. She would have been better off with just the professional care from the ambulance staff. Please do not take anyone you care about to this uncaring, unprofessional ER. 0 STAR REVIEW! (3 weeks ago)

Took my wife in for back pain. Triage noted that she had a blood pressure of 199/113 (stroke level). When seen by a nurse practioner, she was only given a prescription one day worth of pain medication and a prescription for Ibuprofen. Nothing was done for the potentially life-threatening blood pressure. Think twice before going to this ER or taking a loved one here. (2 weeks ago)

4 hours in the waiting room and they're not busy...just claiming a short crew. Promised to see us quickly when the next crew came on...its been an hour and fifteen since the promise. No action, no updates, no checking on us. Said we were third in line 90 minutes ago. The waiting room has seriously deteriorated. FIVE hours before taken back. Can it be done better? That being said, care once you get in is really great. Compassionate, efficient, patient (no pun) skilled and professional. So there must be some corporate decisions lacking in how the waiting room is managed. It's a shame to have that ER waiting room as the first line of experience. Gotta add stars for the care. Can't base it on the waiting room. But what an awful place that waiting room is. (3 months ago)

All these places are terrible. My dad has been in there a week, and cannot walk on his own, and they already want to dismiss him. His clothes mysteriously disappeared. I fell sorry for the elderly who have no one to check on them. (in the last week)

Dr. David May was fantastic!!! My nurses Tori, christal, Rebecca and preston. My techs , steven and Jennifer. The lady that took care of cleaning my room Sol? Was great!! Thank you all and any that i may have forgot. Thank you all for taking exceptional care of me!!! I would choose this team over and over again!!!!! Jana Harding (2 weeks ago)

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