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Los Angeles Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Los Angeles Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Los Angeles Community Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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The nurse do a great job with little to no support from doctors on call. doctors responce time to see you is worst then I have experienced. other patients they also agree to my post. Management no need to post your excuses or justifications. (2 weeks ago)

I feel like I have more medical background than some of the staff here. They took more than 2 hours to get lab results back to my brother in law! Supposedly because there were more critical patients, what the hell does nurses being busy have to do with lab work!? Meanwhile my brother in law received no treatment while we awaited his results. Rudest lady at the front desk as well. Didn't get her name, just know she has glasses and burgundy hair. Better off going anywhere else. (2 weeks ago)

I was transferred here from Cedars Sinai because I have medi-cal and they don't take medi-cal patients. I arrived in the middle of the night. My bed was ready, I was admitted, vitals taken, and immediately hooked up to a heart monitor, an IV. , and blood was drawn. In the morning at "rounds", it was as if my Doctor had been treating me for years . He knew everything regarding my condition. Which surprised me, considering the fact that he had done no exams or asked me any questions about my reason for being there. I did not like his over- confidence (he often used the phrase "I'm a good Dr.".) And while that may be true, I never heard another Dr. say it out loud. My nurses were fabulous, my food was good, my entire time there was comfortable and I always felt like I was in good hands. By the time I was transferred to a nursing home I'd had a chance to get to know my Dr. better. Bedside manner aside he was a good doctor. Thanks again to all great staff members who attended to me at Los Angeles Community Hospital, you saved my life. (3 weeks ago)

Spent 12 hours in ER to find out have UTI. Bed uncomfortable for bariatric patients. Only given Tylenol for pain. Nurse more concerned with her comfort blast air than whether I as the patient freezing. Doctor Saturday day shift poor bed side manner. Staff do not help patients. Discriminate against bariatric patients. Now at 13 hours no ambulance (2 weeks ago)

Ok, this has nothing to do with medical knowledge. The reason for my low rating is the lack of patience and undivided attention for someone that clearly is on pain and needs help. I believe every single patient you help should get that care, I mean, come on! We literally put our trust, health and lives on your hands. I hate to be like this but I have to say what it's on my mind, it's something I can't experience and just go by as if everything went ok. I came in today to the Emergency Room at Los Angeles CH with excruciating pain on my lower right side part of my abdomen, lower back that went all the way to my privates. The nurse and Dr. asked what my visit was for, but they would never really get a full answer to determine what's is wrong with me because they kept cutting me off right away. Dr. Thought it was my appendix, Really?? How can you assume something like that, when the vitals nurses asked me if there were any surgeries done in the past and I started that "My appendix was removed"... Eventhough I gave all this information and they were "noted" every person that saw me after that didn't know exactly what I was in for, as I had mentioned before even the Dr. Wanted to check my appendix and make sure that wasn't the problem... Dear Lord,... If they only took the time to actually listen to the patients, they wouldn't have to GUESS (Yes, I said guess, with how they performed, it looked like they were guessing the illnesses) and actually take the right conclusions on what the case may be. I was discharged with "LOWER BACK PAIN" ... nothing else was done to help me ease my pain ... Oh wait, I was adviced to go see my primary care physician... O.o... No S#!+... I'm back to square one... still in so much pain, can't sleep or walk comfortably, and just as before, hating life... THANKS GUYS!!... Again, not complaining about your knowledge on your field, just pointing out that IF you rush things up, you will never be able to help people to your fullest potential, just as you promised when u took your Hippocratic Oath. P.S. To the person in charge of replying to this reviews of Los Angeles Community Hospital. Pls save your self some time, saying that you are sorry to hear what happened during my visit, if you don't mean what u write why do it?. We both know that a sorry won't fix the lack of patience and communication between your staff. Instead, use the time it will take you to write an apology and use it to recondition and reorient your staff so they actually help people like me that don't have the knowledge your staff does on this field. We can't survive without you guys. Please, we really need you. (a month ago)

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