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Los Angeles Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Los Angeles Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Los Angeles Community Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Ok, this has nothing to do with medical knowledge. The reason for my low rating is for the lack of patience for someone that is clearly on pain and needs help. I came in today with excruciating pain on my lower right side abdomen, lower back all the way to my privates. The nurse and Dr. asked what my visit was for, but they would never really get an full answer to determine what's is wrong with me because they kept cutting me off right away. Dr. Thought it was my appendix even tho when the vitals nurses asked me if there were any surgeries done in the past and I said "My appendix was removed"... Eventhough I gave all this information and they were "noted" every person that saw me after that didn't know exactly what I was in for, as I had mentioned before even the Dr. Wanted to check my appendix and make sure that wasn't the problem... Dear Lord,... If they only took the time to actually listen to the patients they wouldn't have to GUESS (Yes, with how they performed, looked like they were guessing) and actually determine what the case may be. I was discharged with "LOWER BACK PAIN" ... nothing else was done besides advice me to go see my primary care physician... O.o... No S#!+... And back to square one... still on so much pain, cant sleep, walk comfortably and just as before, hating life... THANKS GUYS... Again not complaining about ur knowledge on ur field, just pointing out that if u rush things up, you will never be able to help ppl to your fullest potential, just as u had promised when u took ur Hippocratic Oath. P.S. To the person in charge of replying to this reviews of Los Angeles Community Hospital. Pls save your self sometime on just saying that you are sorry to hear what happened during my visit. We both know that a sorry won't fix the lack of patience and communication between your staff. Instead use the time you will take to write an apology to recondition and reorient your staff so they can actually help ppl like me that don't have the knowledge they do on this field. We can't survive without you guys. Please, we really need you. (a week ago)

Some of the staff is nice. You have a higher chance of nieces and nephews and kids play doctor with you because at least they might closer to you help you (a month ago)

Nurses and personal are cool I was scared when they send me here because it looks dirty and creepy πŸ˜” but the nurses are nice yes they check your blood pressure is cool but they not able to have patients on pd they need to stop accepting them I haven't get my dialysis that's something serious 😑 now in the morning I got oatmeal and they give me a small milk I put it on my oatmeal and the oatmeal turn into some kind of mole ima post a picture is disgusting I taste the milk and it was expire they did bring me some milk and more oatmeal I they need to work more on keeping this wannabe hospital clean or remodel the building at least do something for god sake πŸ˜“ check the photos if the good oatmeal and bad oatmeal so you see the difference (a month ago)

My name is Veronica Pacheco, I espaced this awful hospital yesterday. I was transferred here from PIH because of my insurance, I was having chest pain. I was there for about 13 hours in bed, I stayed the night, they only took my vitals. I had really bad pain and in 13 hours, no one gave me any pain medicine even after I asked for some. And they told me that I had to possibly wait about three days until the doctor came by to see me. It's such a dirty hospital and it smells horrible! I had brought my blanket with me and I covered my face with it to mask the smell. There are people screaming from the pain because no one gives them any pain meds, it's like an asylum! I pretty much escaped from this horrible hospital. They didn't want to give me my discharge papers, but I was not going to stay in a place like this. They just keep you here because they want to charge the insurance more money, not because they're taking care of you. Please don't go here! 😭😭😭😭 (a month ago)

Im laying in this filthy facility rt now. Nurses are extremely rude and disrespectful. This morning i woke my bottom was exposed to visitors and other patients .No privacy at all visitors stay all night long after visiting hours. Nurses under medicate don't follow Dr's orders. Yesterday a maintenance worker pulld my devider back eithou announcing himself. Thank god i had just finished fixing my gown. This man was not escorted by a nurse .he just walked in and fixed the a.c. unit. Portable commodes touching the same tray you eat off of crying patients all night. House Of Horrors Hospital should be the name of th his place (a month ago)

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