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Lee & Bessie Graham Scholarship helps Clinton County nursing students Lock Haven, PA - Lock Haven Hospital is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Lee and ...

Lock Haven Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clinton County, PA.

Lock Haven Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lock Haven Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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The staff are not friendly or courteous at the ER registry. Patient care in the ER is severely lacking. Had a three day stay, room was dirty when I was wheelchaired in the room, the nurses came in about two hours later saying" hi, didn't know you were here" I had to pass the nurses station to get to the room and their was a nurse present. The nurses had issues with doctors treatment with diagnosis. Was given some of the same food to eat that I was told not to eat and was on a dietary plan. The doctor told me I would be there a few days to " rest my intestines". (5 months ago)

Had a really bad toothache. Went into the e.r to get something to hold me off till the dentist opened. They gave me a prescription for pain meds. That's it. They charged me $300 dollars. What a rip off. The wait time is insane also. Don't 60% chance you'll be waiting an hour or much longer. On top of that. When I had a broken arm they wrapped my arm up really tight, sent me home with no medication and said they'd have to do surgery the next day. Need less to say, I sat at home in excruciating pain for 16 hours! Do yourself a favor and drive up the road to jersey shore if need be. (10 months ago)

I've family and myself have used this hospital 3 times. Every visit was very ... uncomfortable to say the least. The first time I went was to visit my father who was admitted for a heart attack. I went in about lunch time, they didn't bring him something to eat until around 2pm. He was hungry. When they finally brought him ( a diabetic) food, it was a diabetic meal loaded with all the things a diabetic shouldn't eat (bread, sugar etc). The second time was when i gave birth to my daughter. I was choking on reflux while having contractions. When my husband told the nurse they never brought anything to relieve the rising of stomach acid. Along with that, they put me on a non birthing bed and forced me to switch, not the 12 hours prior while having mild contractions, but in the midst of my childs head coming out of my body. My iv came out 6 times during the birth and i was tangled in cords. The nurses felt the need to comment on my tattoos and appearance which blew my mind. The last visit, i was admitted to the er for jaw pain and put in one of the bays. I had a heart monitor etc put on my finger (or whatever it's for)... after about 15 minutes of sitting there, I look down and notice BLOOD on the finger clip (pictures). I told the nurse and she "wheres blood?"... i said "right on there"... to which she nonchalantly replied "oh yeah there is". Like someone elses blood on medical equipment is no biggie. This hospital needs to be shut down. (a year ago)

My 14 year old daughter arrived at the ER with very clear concussion symptoms, sensitivity to light and loud noises, sleepy and poor balance. She also had a swollen nose after a blow to the face during sports. The ER team gave her an X-ray to check if she had a broken nose, but NEVER followed up with the concussion symptoms. She left with a diagnosis of "contusion to the pectoral region" Um she never had anything wrong with her chest, she had a concussion! NO CT scan, no concussion protocol....what the heck kind of emergency room is this!!! We visited our family Dr. the next day and he clearly said she had a serious concussion and needed to miss school for a few days to rest her brain. If we followed the hospital diagnosis she would have been back playing soccer the next day with her "contusion!" Come on Lock Haven you must do better than this! (a year ago)

This is my second round using Lock Haven Hospital for my maternity needs, and I have really enjoyed it. My first two children were born at a hospital in Salt Lake City, and whereas I loved my doctor there, the hospital overall was very technologically advanced but very people-warmth poor, if you know what I mean. Here at Lock Haven Hospital it's just the opposite. They have exactly the technology they need, but they match it with warmth, friendliness, and understanding from everyone. I take my cute kids with me to all my appointments and they're treated like celebrities even by attendants just passing us in the halls. When THEY had to get bloodwork done the people were really nice about it and gave them all teddy bears. They even gave a teddy bear to the kid who didn't get anything done! My OBGYN seems really knowledgeable in her field and I've loved working with her, and the nurses always have been willing to listen to any unorthodox requests, which has been a huge blessing during labor & delivery. Overall, though I could nitpick tiny things, I have been really happy about my care. (2 years ago)

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