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504 S 13TH ST, LIVINGSTON, MT 59047
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504 S 13TH ST

As a local, full-service medical center serving the greater Park County area, Livingston HealthCare is proud to be a top-rated Critical Access Hospital.

Livingston Healthcare is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Park County, MT.

Livingston Healthcare does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Livingston Healthcare is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I rate LHC with the lowest rating mainly due to the system for calling in and contacting my physician. I have tried five times in three days to talk to my physician's nurse (Dr. Doyle Scott Coleman) or any person in his office to discuss two conditions. The first being simply to set up a thorough examine as it has a few years and I am now 70 years old and Dr. Coleman is booked up until some time in June. The second condition is I have been experiencing some discomfort in my chest with pressure and shortness of breath which I have not experienced previously. I have been experiencing this for about a week to ten days. I do not believe it is urgent, however do not want to ignore it. In my calls in, I tell the operator who I want to talk to and give all my login details. They ask what this call is in regards to and I tell them briefly. Twice then they patch me through to some physician I have never heard of. I try again and get the same operator and give all the same info and tell them very succinctly who I want. I can hear them typing on the keyboard and then a long pause and "Oh here it is. I will patch you through." I think to myself, isn't Dr. Coleman the head of LHC. So I wait and the phone rings and rings and no one picks up. Finally I leave a message at the front desk. The next day the nurse does call me and I was just reaching for the phone when they hung up. So I call back and the operator says Dr. Coleman and his nurse only work 1 1/2 days a week and they do not work on Friday. I said she just called me. They say "Oh I see she was here this morning, however, she is gone now." I said she just called me and it is 1:42 pm and this is 1:43 pm. "Oh I will try her number." No answer. The operator says I will have to try Monday. So I call at 8:30 am Monday and the operator after another search tries the extension and she says they are in a meeting. So I try a half hour later and nothing. I left for a few minutes and check messages and I have one that says if I am having chest pains I should go to the emergency room. Oh, I never thought of that. I said it is not an emergency I just want it checked out and have an examination. The system is absolutely terrible and more than that absolutely not acceptable. I decided that I give up, I am switching my primary care physician and clinic. (2 weeks ago)

Wasn't very impressed with there "addiction specialists " I was kicked off the suboxone program for smoking pot and I have a legal, valid, medical marijuana card. I guess since so many people die from smoking pot my sobriety just wasn't a big enough issue instead they wanted to focus on my pot use not to mention I had been clean for over 2 years from heavy opioid use. Not impressed at all. (2 months ago)

the best physical therapists, my favorite are Angela and Jessica; they are very knowledgeable and this is a beautiful spacious physical therapy dept (2 months ago)

Dr. Helin and her crew are so amazing! I was seen here throughout my pregnancy,and for my C-section. What a wonderful experience with such knowledgeable and thoughtful people. I am so grateful for their special care and intelligence. (9 months ago)

I would give our nurse, Fred, at the ER a 5 star rating but Dr Briggs a 1 star. Didn't introduce himself to any of us, (myself, my husband, nor our son, who was laying on the gourney)wasn't thorough, didn't explain next steps, didn't explain anything about our sons prescriptions, when he left he didn't say how or who will give us the written prescription, so we went to the receptionist... Glad Fred met us there, explained the prescriptions and so on.... Not pleased with the Dr at all. Wasn't even remotely friendly either. (11 months ago)

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