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Photo: Cameron Hospital - Little River Healthcare

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Welcome to Little River Healthcare CAMERON HOSPITAL The Cameron Hospital, located just across the street from the Little River River - Cameron Medical Clinic ...

Little River Healthcare Cameron Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Milam County, TX.

Little River Healthcare Cameron Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Little River Healthcare Cameron Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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It’s good to know that even though Cameron is a small town, This Hospital and Clinic offer A1 services. My husband David has visited the Clinic a few times when it was not an option to make a trip to Bryan to see his primary Doc. We get excellent care and positive results with the care from the staff and the PA that treated us. The PA even called to check on David the next day to see how he was feeling. We don’t get that from the primary Physician. Very refreshing! (a month ago)

I would go some place else but I am just sick with flue. It's good for this. (6 months ago)

Went to er for my foot....great service beginning. Doctor was on top of it. The lvn was immediate to assist me BEFORE I got in. The xray tech was awesome and friendly and quick. The desk clerk was fast and very friendly. The whole thing was ruined by a nurse I never laid eyes and who never laid eyes on me. I sent my niece to find out if I was going to be able to get ths medicine he said he was going to give me...after having the xrays done and listening to the nurse and doctor chat after I came back about non-patoent care topics. As my niece started back into the room, with the door still wide open, the nurse "mumbled" " Really?" Then the doctor and nurse whispered fiercly to each other. Waited another 10 min then I heard the doctor explaining to her ther orders he had told me, with which was great to me except missing work. Her reply, "oh she wont do it. She will be back here in a few days asking for more pain meds." Doctor defended me explaining things him and I discussed and she said, "Ive been here longer and this is how these people here are." 1. Last time I was at that er was 14 years ago. 2. She wasn't even MY nurse. 3. She has apparently been there and been a nurse TOO long! I am furious and WILL be calling tomorrow and starting a complaint. If this nurse happens to come across this here is a note for you. I am sorry you have seen the bad side of people. I understand that therw are tons of people who abuse drugs and abuse the medical/er field to settle their "needs". I am also sorry that those people have turnes you into the bitter "nurse" you have become. I can only hope that the patients you touch and take care of do not hear the things you say. You genuinely hurt my feelings and upset me royally. I know you are unaware that I have spent the past TWO weeks praying and hoping that I just twisted it wrong or sprained it and every day it gets worse and NEVER missed work, I didn't even miss the e nd of school bash I had been planning for the youth at my church for 6 months. Granted, I couldn't do the things I wanted, but I wasn't whining about it. Truthfully no one knew I was in pain. I didn't even miss my chdrens church todat where I am a puppeteer, I help sing and do action songs and help with the games and sometimes teach, though today at the age of 30, I was using a cane to help get around and sitting down alot. See, these are the things you DIDN'T know BEFORE you passed judgement on someone you DIDN'T even lay eyes on. So please, dear nurse, the next time someone asks for some medicine, keep your opinions inside of your head and off of your lips, because you may not know the full story. (11 months ago)

One star is too much. These people charged me $650 to tell me my son did not need stitches. DO NOT GO TO THEIR ER!!! You should really consider dying at home in peace first. It took them two minutes to tell me the lip was fine, and about twenty minutes filling out insurance papers. My son did not even sit on the ER table. No vitals were taken. No x-ray's. No IV's. No pain medicine given. They should be closed. (a year ago)

Can't put a working number. Rude people (2 years ago)

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