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234 EAST 149TH STREET, BRONX, NY 10451
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BRONX, NY 10451

Lincoln Medical Center is one of New York City's premier acute care hospitals. Located in Downtown Bronx, Lincoln is a teaching hospital renowned for its Centers of ...

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bronx County, NY.

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center is a government - local hospital.

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If I could give this place 0 stars I would... but it does not allow me to do so. My friend has been here, for a serious matter, for about 5 hours & she is still waiting. They need to shut this hospital down. Before they let everyone die. This place is VERY unprofessional. People go to the ER because they need help, not to sit there in pain, they can sit in pain in the comfort of their own home. (in the last week)

I came here and usually when you’re under 21 walking in to an emergency room... they treat you for pediatrics but no not here. One of the pediatric doctors laughed and redirected me towards a number and having my number called in the adult ER waiting room. What is this a DMV? We no longer take names? So In other words... I’ll have to wait just to process my information and then be called again. This is by far the worst emergency care I have been to and how many bad reports does the community have to give about service for a mandatory investigation? It’s been years, I’ve been hearing about Lincoln hospital since I was young and I still gave them a try. Extremely dissatisfied. (a month ago)

Have not been here in a while .But now they have the fast track and even the main emergency room is run more efficiently so you are not there the whole day. This is a big improvement On 2-13-2018 i went to the emergency room it was a total madhouse no seats to sit , people were coughing and sneezing one person threw up and no one came to even clean it. There was intake people taking there sweet. Time to process people. Meanwhile on the other the fast track was moving like clockwork. On 4-7-2018 i came here at 12:30 am I have been waiting for hours while the head nurse picked certain people to go into the emergency room. This place has really TURNED INTO A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY. EVERYONE here needs to be fired. And start this place over from top to bottom. Note when 7am came they switched me to fast track. And i just got out at 9am.WHAT a complete joke , Cause i had to stay there the whole night. The only good thing is the fast track They should have that doctor running the er cause he's very knowledgeable and professional (3 months ago)

Its gotten alot better, has a gift shop, dinner, but you have lots of places outside to get food, taco bell, McDonald's, bakery, discount stores, etc, but back in the day, people dead just waiting to be seen, so yeah I say thats something thats not happen anymore, so thats good. but its still have all the junkies outside, so that not good... bus 19, 2, 1, 32. Trains walking distance 4, 5, 6, 2 (in the last week)

Shut this hospital down. The people that work here, don’t do anything. There was a man dying and you know that they were doing, talking about there pay check. A group a nurse just sat there! The doctors are really condescending. Please shut this hospital down. The wait for the ER is ridiculous if you go Into the ER you will not come out until the next day!!!! And you know why people the nurses are either on fb chatting the doctors are in there phone talking, some of the staff members hide so that They can take a nap. This place is horrible (4 months ago)

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