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LIMA, OH 45804

Lima Memorial Health System is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving northwest Ohio, and offering comprehensive healthcare close to home.

Lima Memorial Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Allen County, OH.

Lima Memorial Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lima Memorial Health System is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I brought my 12 year old who slipped on ice and hit his head on concrete Monday afternoon. The kind young woman in registration was friendly and efficient. Our wait time was, well there was no wait time. The intake nurse was calling us back as registration was putting on his ID band. He was seen immediately by the CNP who promptly ordered a head CT. The radiology tech was so nice and funny which eased any fear my son had about this procedure. The entire visit was not more than 2 hours. I was impressed with the process, the people, the professionalism . I work at a hospital and I cannot say enough about the care my son received at Lima Memorial Hospital. (5 months ago)

ER visit, saw Shannon S. Nurse practitioner. I have never felt so invisible than I did with my ER visit with her. I believe she was with me for 2 min and that's being generous. The exam I received was non existent. Diagnostic test was done and I hear from my room Shannon ask a nurse. "Can you go to room X and tell her results are normal and have her follow up with Dr such and such"! And I kid you not the poor nurse came in and handled the rest.. never so much as"ok so the test came back fine, I know it's causing discomfort for you I would rec trying this or this to help until you can follow up with specialist. So now I'm sure I'll receive a nice bill for her literally saying hello and we will order this Test! I will not go back to LMH to be seen by a nurse practitioner in the ER again! Whatever happened to actual DR that have good bed side manners? (7 months ago)

They took very good care of my father, on the 6th. ICU, Thanks ๐Ÿ’“ (3 months ago)

My husband has blockage in a main cardiac artery, luckily, developed some collateral blood supply. His cardiologist wanted him to have a PET scan to see if there was a possibility that he could have a procedure done at Riverside to open the blockage. He shows up, I park the car, go in and he said one of the volunteers said to have a seat and when it was time, someone would come and get him 45 minutes passed, still sitting.Long story short, these volunteers failed to tell him he needed to go to registration, by then the isotope tracer that needed to be injected was not useable, due to short half-life. It comes from Cincinnati and they would be unable to get it on short notice. They did offer to reschedule for next week... another delay and another chance for them to practice becoming more incompetent, I declined and said we decided to go to a real hospital in Columbus. I'm a RN, currently working at OSU Wexner and my advice would be to run from this joint and go to a real hospital. Never again will we set foot in that place. I should have followed my gut feeling and scheduled the test at Wexner to begin with. (8 months ago)

My bf was in there for pneumonia and the er nurses that day was so lazy all they do is sit around playing on their dam cell phones. He hit the nurse button 3x bc he had to urinate and his nurses ignored his call like he didn't exist so he got up and went by his self and drug his machine with him. Took us 6 hours to get a bed upstairs and half those dam nurses don't check you out like they are suppose to when doing their checks. These hospitals need to get it together!!!!!! Our lives depend on them and their staff (10 months ago)

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