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Welcome to Liberty Hospital where we offer a full range of medical specialties and state-of-the-art technology to assure exceptional care.

Liberty Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clay County, MO.

Liberty Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Liberty Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Worst experience ever! This hospital obviously has no concept of HIPAA. I was seen in the radiology department for a CT scan and blood work to rule out if my cancer had returned. Not only was the wait time ridiculous, the check-in process was mediocre at best. There was no privacy at all. The worst part, they made me wait in the waiting room for my doctor to call and give me the test results. When the doctor called, they had me use the phone at the front desk in front of tons of other people! How is this okay?????!!!!! Oh, and lets not forget that I had to remind them that I needed to take off my jewelry before the CT scan AND they forgot to take out my IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This hospital is a disgrace. (a week ago)

We were in there for a car accident caused by a seizure. The ER staff left us alone for hours with bloody wounds. There were no scans done of his head or x-rays of his chest done which were visible bruised and injured. They were told multiple times he was in a car accident and his discharge papers don't even state he was in one. Even after informing the hospital staff of his medical history we were ignored. 3 different staff came in and started 3 different procedures 2 were never finished and the third was having his hand stitched and they left it un bandaged and open for nearly an hour and a half which leaves it open to massive infection . Blood was drawn and left out on the sink for hours even after we informed them that it was there. Important medical files were left out by the trash can that I had to move. This is appalling. I have never been in an ER that was such a mess. They were not even busy. I can't help but think this is how the liberty Staff are trained to treat people with medicaid/no insurance seeing as this isn't the first time people with medicaid have been treated like this in their ER. (3 months ago)

Went in to the ER dehydrated, after my IV came out they didn’t even finish my bag of fluids. The employees suck and act too busy to help. I will never go to this hospital again. Liberty Hospital- when you have consistent bad reviews about your hospital, you’re doing something wrong. Why do you have so many recent one star reviews specifically about your ER? Time to address your rude staff that have no compassion. (a month ago)

Soooo dirty and unsanitary! First time I went here was for my son who got bit by a dog and tore his lip open. When I was was giving the front desk in the ER my sons info I asked if he wanted my insurance he straight up said "I don't give a flying monkeys butt what you do with your insurance!" Right in front of my 3yr old. A few months after that I went in for extreme abdominal cramping. The room they took me to was so dirty! There was cob webs! There was a toilet a couple of feet from the bed which had what looked like mold on the floor around the toilet! The nurse who took my blood shot blood all over my gown and left me in the gown! When she took out my IV she threw it to a trash can behind the bed which caused blood to go all over the floor and wall! And just left it there! There was also a blood sample on the counter when I came in the was not mine. The pillow on my bed had makeup all over it...I was not wearing any makeup! The floors were absolutely filthy! Just absolutely the dirtiest hospital I've ever seen! I can't understand how they get away with the complete unsanitary is a hospital for gods sake! I came in there with an infection and am praying to god I didn't just pick up more infections!!! Absolutely do not go here! My sister is a nurse and was absolutely shocked when I told her about my experience and she said I should report the hospital! Which I intend to do! (6 months ago)

I was entered there in January from ER Dr Barr is the best hope they keep him around along time I had a heart attack Dr Dunky did the stints he is great Got great care ! I was relieved when Dr Barr was the ER doc he had treated my husband for blood clots earlier in the year ! (a month ago)

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