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SALEM, VA 24153

Lewisgale Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Salem County, VA.

Lewisgale Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lewisgale Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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It's ashame I had to give one star. I was referred to Lewis Gale dermatology and will never go to Lewis Gale again. Not the first time I've had an issue with them but the way they've handled my visit with insurance and not being willing to help me confirmed for me why I should've never gone to begin with. Ive made numerous phone calls only to be shuffled around and told something different each time and no one willing to help. Never will I visit Lewis Gale again nor would I refer anyone I know....EVER!! Just canceled my follow up with dermatology! (a month ago)

Even though I was a patient there, it was a blessing. the doctors nurses and the therapists were all excellent people. (a month ago)

Don’t take your loved ones here. My bf and I had an awful experience with ED nurse, Connie, and the nurse supervisor, Shannon W. We were basically put in a room for almost 14 hours then forgotten about. No vitals were taken in 9 hours and no medications given for active alcohol withdrawal. Told the nurse he was about to vomit and asked for puke bags; Connie waited over 5 minutes by which time he’d already puked enough to cover most of the floor. The nursing supervisor was incredibly rude, multiple interruptions and talking over me, and said the nurse went above and beyond what was required of her for patient care (4 weeks ago)

I had gone in for dizziness back pain and chest heavy symptoms the care I received was worse than anything I have ever experienced I felt pretty much like they didn't care I never once had my eyes or ears checked i had Xray of back and chest had to ask for my results had a CT scan of brain had to ask for those results I saw my nurse once when it was shift change and she introduced me to my new nurse who I thought was going to be better but after 4 plus hours they finally gave me medicine then left My family member finally had to flag the nurse down three times who said she would be right there but never came when she finally came in I told her I was still in pain and asked to get something she stated oh im sorry I cant give you anything because I have your discharge paperwork.I then proceeded to say that was not my fault and she should have checked on me after giving me the first and only meds I received what if I had some sort of reaction and if she would have checked she would have known I was still in pain before being discharged she stated she was sorry that they where overwhelmed.I feel like it was a pointless wasted trip.It breaks my heart because I love Lewis Gale but their patient care has gotten to be some of the worse I have ever seen.I am not fully blaming the staff alone but whatever system has been put in place needs to be fixed.I am really dissatisfied with the level of care that I was given.Feeling Heartbroken. (a month ago)

My husband and I use Lewis Gale as often as needed. They have all of our information. I’m having an MRI Monday so they call to pre-register. I had to give her all of my info including emergency contact. LG spends a lot of money on the complex computer & software yet the person IN BILLING does not have access to my already documented info. I explained this MRI Was not workers comp but thru my blue cross. She wasn’t listening because 30 seconds later she said “so u want this billed thru workers comp??” I corrected her and she asked for my Ins number. I told her she already has it. I asked why she didn’t have my info when it’s always in the system when I have to go there. She kept talking like I didn’t even ask the question! I told her I would answer any other questions when I get there Monday. I wasn’t sure it was Lewis gale so I called the number back. It was LG. I would think their money would be better spent updating the computer system. So much fraud out there, if she gave me the info to agree on would be different. She just wanted me to give it to her. (a month ago)

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