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As the new CEO of LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, I'm excited to welcome you to our website and to our hospital. We are committed to the care and improvement of human...

Lewisgale Hospital Montgomery is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, VA.

Lewisgale Hospital Montgomery does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lewisgale Hospital Montgomery is a proprietary hospital.

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Worst hospital, hands down. Physicians don't care, depend on first and second year interns and residents to do all the work. My mother was here for one whole month and I can show proof that the Drs would leave early, leaving only interns/residents and whom ever may be on call for that day ( who was never my mother's physician ). This sometimes left a 4hr gap until the night physician came on, pathetic. ICU nursing staff was amazing, thank you all. PCU and MCU, what a nightmare! I kept a notebook with note of all the horrible things that went on here. I never saw a single nurse on PCU who didn't have her face in a cell phone. I tried to get my mother moved, we could have left AMA but she was too sick. It was the most helpless I felt. Administration would say they heard my cry, I never saw improvement while there. Stay away from this hospital. (a week ago)

My daughter was born at the Lewis Gale birthing center about four months ago. We had a generally good experience with the birth itself, but have had an extremely frustrating experience with the billing afterward. About two months after my daughter's birth, we received the bills for everything along with 6-8 letters from Lewis Gale stating they could not receive payment from my insurance provider (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and that I should call them on Lewis Gale's behalf to figure this out. I did so, and was told that some of the lactation consultations my wife received at Lewis Gale were billed under a code they do not cover. The rep at BCBS told me which code they should have been billed under instead. They also told me that Lewis Gale could have called BCBS themselves instead of burdening me with having to find the correct billing codes for the services we received. Anyway, I later called Lewis Gale and told them exactly what BCBS told me. I eventually got in touch with Janice in Richmond, who I'm told is a customer service manager there. She told me a number of things I would be required to do to fix this, including reaching directly out to the doctor who prescribed these consultations and asking them to rebill the services with a different code. I told her I did not feel that I should not have to be doing all of the legwork for this, since I have no knowledge of their billing system, and that they could have figured this out with a 2-minute phone call to BCBS in the first place. Her response was to repeatedly tell me that this way was supposedly easier for me. Anyway, she eventually said she would fix it for me, but that was two months ago and I have not heard back. I have called Janice several times since and left voicemails, but received no calls back. It's seemingly impossible to get ahold of anyone who knows how to fix this, and no one seems to care. (a month ago)

Very dirty hospital with slow service, unfriendly staff, doctors that don't care. I will only visit here for an extreme emergency. (3 weeks ago)

1 year ago (end of March 2017) I had hard chest pain (difficult to breath) after flight from Europe, I went to the hospital, operators were quite gentle, but the surprise came later... after 2 months I got one Bill, then after additional 1 month I got another, then I got one after 1 YEAR and 1month!(April2018) related to ECG visit, 10minutes sit in a room, bill from external (not Hospital) supplier, 1250 USD, I'm from Italy, we have problems here also, but I think in USA you have really big mindset problems, how you think to be efficient working like this?? (2 months ago)

My daughter and I moved to Blacksburg, Va in September 2016 from Richmond, Va. I had just discovered that my husband (whom I had separated from) had dropped me from his insurance almost a year before without telling me. After ten years of dealing with NASH and MERS, heart disease from the long term illness along with pancreatitis, gall stones, weakened kidneys, breathing problems from the MERS. I found out very quickly that this hospital would rather see me die because I had no insurance than treat things like acute gall stones, cysts on my hand that make it almost impossible to grip anything in my right hand, flu, which they told me was a cold and almost killed me, I spent three months trying to fight the congestion and weakness from what they called a cold. Because of my liver problems I do not take any drugs that are not completely necessary, so I was not trying to get opioids or whatever is the current trend. They treated me like human waste. Leaving me sitting in an exam room at the very back in excruciating pain for hours waiting for me to become unconscious I suppose to they could drop me in the gutter on the other side of the street to die. I have written a notarized statement to be given to my attorney should I die from anything that was treatable but I know will be ignored by this hospital because I am uninsured. (2 months ago)

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