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When you need comprehensive medical care, come to Lehigh Regional Medical Center. Our active medical staff is comprised of 100+ physicians! Set up an appointment.

Lehigh Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lee County, FL.

Lehigh Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lehigh Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Avoid this hospital like the plague! My husband was taken here by ambulance this morning while suffering anaphylactic shock from a food allergy. The nursing staff in the Emergency Room appears to be completely incompetent. They have left him without any treatment for over an hour, taking over 30 minutes to respond to the call button. And, even now that a doctor has finally been in, the nurse is still trying to argue with both my husband and the doctor about necessary treatment. At this point, they're lucky he's not dead! I am absolutely livid about the lack of care here. I have NEVER heard of an emergency room staff being this uncaring or incompetent regarding anaphylaxis. Seriously, save your life... run far, far away from this hospital and go somewhere that cares and knows that the heck they're doing! (a month ago)

I am currently in this hospital and must say the care, staff and level of service is outstanding. I've been in big hospitals and small ones and here at the Lehigh hospital I didn't have to wait over 4 to 5 hours to get admitted and begin care . My doctors were excellent and explained everything along the way. Just a few of the nurses I want to mention and can't remember all of them were Beatrice, Keri, and Camela. My hat is off to these people and am grateful that they were there.. There are others as well but I'm not good at remembering names but you know what? The entire staff is great and professional In all aspects. Again I thank you all and recommended this hospital over many others. Do not judge this hospital by the waiting room that is quite small but judge by the excellent staff and care... (4 months ago)

Doctor came in my room, ordered an xray and never came back again. 3 hours later a nurse came in and started working on a computer without saying a word about my diagnosis. She told me I could leave and I had to ask her what was wrong with my wrist. I was giving a piece of paper with instructions about my pain. Luckly I have a sister that is a doctor and I was able to call her. She was the one that explained to me what to do and how to do it. I am now expecting a high bill for medical attention when the doctor did not even come to explain how to take care of my injury. I strongly recommend to drive a little bit longer and seek attention somewhere else. (a month ago)

My doctor was great my EMT’s were great... my nurse ... she was rough around the edges and I’m Not really one to be sensitive or whine but she acted like my turning down pain medication was the bane of her existence... like she was obliged to do her job... like I don’t understand why she felt the need to take it personal that I did not want more drugs... the system is backwards ... . When you enter this profession, it’s suppose to be about compassion and I know that you have to deal with some pretty crappy people, but I’m not one of them the way you treat your patients should be based on how they treat you and treating me like I’m a problem in ur overnight shift is uncalled for... I have been respectful, kind, haven’t really made too much of a fuss, but hey what do I know. I’m ready to go home ... thanks Tiffany 🙄 (a month ago)

Worst hospital ever for emergency room visits. Went in for extreme back pain in the lower right side. They wouldn't treat me because of the type of insurance I have. Dr Ryan didn't even examine me properly. He just said It wasn't a surgical emergency, the nurse hollow was just as rude. She said if I went home and died it would basically be on the doctor. Wouldn't recommend that Dr. to anyone. He shouldn't even be considered a doctor. (4 months ago)

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