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Legacy Silverton Medical Center is a 48-bed hospital in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley featuring a Family Birth Center and emergency services.

Legacy Silverton Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, OR.

Legacy Silverton Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Legacy Silverton Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I truly love this hospital, I've only in all my years of emergency visits encountered one rude, I'll mannered nurse this was years ago however. But in all honesty this is great people, whom treat you like a human, who know humans mess up, and they never JUDGE. This hospital is uber clean, and always has warm blankets. They also don't hand out Staphylococcus like candy like Salem hospital does. Also unlike Salem hospital they clean the rooms and wash there hands. Take note Salem hospital, it's the simple things that keep patients alive and well. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ (4 months ago)

Not even the minimum standards/protocols for an ER. As a Med Surge Tech, I know. Where to begin? First, there is no one to assist Patients who come in through the Emergency Entrance. Family members have to go find a wheelchair themselves and bring the Patient in. There was no one to check the patient in or assist. This is true for the three times our family has had to use Silverton Legacy ER. Once in the ER, the rooms are filthy. Blood on the floor from the previous Patient(s), also hair, gauze and dirt. My Spouse was never offered water, a blanket, kleenex, emesis basin (patient reported nausea), nothing. There is no clear chain of command or procedure for care of patients. Various people will stick their head in the room and ask (more than once) "Has a Doctor been in to see you?, Have you been to X-Ray? Has anyone talked to you? Did you get medication?", etc. The staff seem to have no idea who is responsible for what. Although I needed to use the bathroom, no one ever came in to take me and without a Call Button, I had no way to alert anyone in the ER that I needed help. Various people who popped their heads in the room said it was not their job to take me to the bathroom and that "Someone" would come by. No one did. Any other ER I have ever been to has been run like a well choreographed ballet. A Nurse does the intake and introduces him/herself and writes their name on a white board with the time they are off shift. They will say, "My name is _____ and I will be caring for you. I am here till ______ AM/PM". If there is a change of shift, the Nurse will bring in the shift change Nurse and introduce that Nurse to the patient and say "This is _____, he/she will be taking over for me." Every Patient gets a call button with instructions. At least at every other ER I have ever heard of. None of this happens at Silverton ER. On all three visits, never was the Patient given a call button to call for help. I guess it's a self-service ER. Another issue that came up was a Patient who was admitted to the ER on Oxygen with a small O2 tank. Instead of taking the Patient off their own personal O2 tank and putting the Patient on the Hospital Oxygen line, he was left on his small tank, which quickly was used up and now the Patient had no oxygen to go home with. This would never happen at any other Hospital ER. Other issues were-not giving the Patient medications even though various staff popped their heads in to ask if anyone had been by with medications. Not cleaning bloody wounds with asphalt embedded in them and stating "You can clean this yourself at home in the shower" and not assessing all injuries in an elderly patient who suffered a severe fall. This is unacceptable. Staff is very focused on asking Patients repeatedly if they Smoke, Drink or Do Drugs, even if previously answered. Nothing is written down. The Patient was asked 5 different times what time their injury happened. Writing it down the first time would have eliminated having to repeat it. Finally when it was all done, even though the slip and fall Patient was unable to drive and there was no one at the Hospital to pick up the Patient, they were wheeled out of the ER and parked in a hallway, all alone, essentially being dumped in a cold and callous manner without regard to the Patient. I don't know if the staff understands that Patients can hear them when they are speaking disparagingly about other Patients. When I was in with my Spouse, I heard staff talking about a young woman dressed all in black who was also in the ER, saying "She's a druggy. Yea all she wants is drugs." We could also hear all the banter from staff in the central station about Sports, TV Shows, horsing around and other gossip while we were ignored for hours. I don't know who is responsible for training and making sure standard, basic universal procedures are followed in the Emergency Room, but Silverton gets a "D" for lack of protocols, procedures, and basic Patient care. (3 months ago)

Thanks the Drs and the nurse for being nice and makeing and helping my wife. Seem keep everything clean their nice very polite (6 months ago)

This has got to be the smallest and the absolute slowest ER in the whole entire country. I've been here for 2 hours, we barely got into a room, and there has been no sign of life since. I hear random children crying, and people walking by. But not a single person has stepped in to say the doctor will be in or hi I'm you're nurse. This is absolutely mind blowing. Had I known this, I would've driven into Portland. Do not come here unless you're bored and have absolutely nothing to do for 12 hours. Worst experience of my life, and I haven't even seen a medical professional yet. (11 months ago)

If I could give this zero stars instead of one I would do so. But unfortunately they think they are better than a one. The is by far the absolute worst hospital. I even say it's worse than salem hospital and salem is busier than this place. The doctor had the worst bedside manners. He was very rude. Didn't properly examine me. And after telling me to show him my teeth and my tongue (I was there for a migraine) he then said let's look at your brain, shines his light into my eyes then walks out of the room and proceeds to loudly say "she's on drugs. She's high." And then I'm left sitting In a corner room with nobody checking on me asking how I feel and didn't care about my comfort. So I walked out because I honestly couldn't stand looking at those disgisting attitudes they proudly wear on their sleeves. I'd rather die then go to this hospital! (7 months ago)

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