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1015 NW 22ND AVENUE, W121, PORTLAND, OR 97210
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1015 NW 22ND AVENUE, W121

Located in the heart of Northwest Portland, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center was founded in 1875 by the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon. Today, "Good Sam" is a ...

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Multnomah County, OR.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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We went here after moving to Portland the day before and were very amazed at the experience we had. After explaining the symptoms, we were treated with respect instead of being condescended. We were taken back to a bed very quicky and the doctor was also very quick! He was very understanding and we were out very quickly. This was a great hospital, after working in one for 2 years, I would recommend this one! (10 months ago)

Went to see a podiatrist at the clinic, and he advised me to go get an xray. I reluctantly went to the X-ray department, and was ensured by the receptionist that the 25 dollars I was paying would cover the cost of the services. I then received a $185 charge from Good Sam, and an additional charge from Diagnostic Imaging. When I called to ask about these charges, they placed the blame on me and said I did not do a good enough job checking benefits. Overall, I was moderately satisfied with the podiatrist, but very disappointed in the way they handle the billing. Will not be returning to this hospital. With so many good options in Portland, I would advice OHSU or Providence in NE. Great customer service and bedside manner. (8 months ago)

I learned a lot the last time I visited this place, about what people are capable of. My Grandmother, Rest In Peace, lost her life at the age of 94. She lived a long life, but after reflecting on her struggles the last time she was here, I feel it necessary to exclaim my most sincere dissatisfaction about how she was treated here, before she lost her life. She fell down, as most older people do when they get to that age, and was ushered over to the Emergency Room, it was the ICU when I first saw her that I saw the first instance of incompetence. The doctors had her under a hot lamp, she was desperate for water/ice the whole time, it wasn't until we figured out how hot the lights were that we forced them to turn down the temperature so that her heart could take a break. They kept her heart beating for over 155 for many hours, this is what I believe ultimately sealed her fate. After a few days in the ICU things were starting to look a little better, but she was still very weak, no real diagnosis, no real attention was given to her symptoms and the staff did not seem to want to let us know anything about her state. When she was moved in to convalescence/recovery the second instance of incompetence occurred. She was allowed to sleep with a bipap which was not working correctly, she woke up delirious, hallucinating and out of order, she was then moved back down to the ICU for a day or two. It was during this period of time where the doctors managed to convince my brother she would be better up stairs. I discussed the matter with him after the move when it was clear they had moved her in to the terminal-cancer ward. He did not understand they sent her there to die. The next morning the doctor that had overseen her came up and almost insisted on putting her on a morphine drip. I grew very irate and very upset, but did not really know what was happening or what to expect. Of course they were sending her off to die, that's what they do to old people, put them on the drip until they are a vegetable and stop taking fluids/food. Fortunately she died with her family by her side, but I know that this place and it's personnel have serious issues with incompetence which lead to her demise, even if she didn't have much time left anyways. I was in the military, so I know what some people were capable of when it came to lying to oneself in order to pick up a pay check at the end of the day, but this is on a completely different level. Pretending to care about people while being incompetent, rude and ignorant about patients is not the way to be around those who need our help. I left the military thinking I would never have to be around those who required the suffering of others in order to make one's way thru life, I was wrong, and I regret not being more forceful during my Grandmother's last days. I will never forgive this place for it's willful negligence about the care of my Grandmother. God willing, technology will soon see most medical professionals jobless, and better lives for those that suffer with illness and disabilities better opportunities to heal. God bless all those who have been inadvertently put in to the grave due to clear negligence/malfeasance. (7 months ago)

They may have some good doctors here but boy, does the billing department need a clean sweep. Specifically Clarissa and even worse, Erica - who is apparently a "team lead" and found it very necessary to be sarcastic towards me and felt no remorse at all for having me call my mother who has stage 4 cancer to re-verify that I can speak to them regarding their billing. Since when do customers call from THEIR phone? If you want to make someone verify that they are on the account, shouldn't you start by calling the patient yourself (to make sure that the person is actually the patient)? And last but not least, you guys are dealing with patients and patient family members. Show some empathy towards people who are probably going through tough times - don't talk over them, sarcasm doesn't help, let them speak .. you work in health care not a call center. (10 months ago)

The best experience I've ever had in anybody's hospital I actually cried leaving its almost like Portland said " we want you to stay" so here i am bye bye L.A (3 months ago)

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