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Welcome to Leesburg Regional Medical Center, where we continue to set the standard for clinical quality and personalized healthcare services.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, FL.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 800 AM – 800 PM
Tuesday 800 AM – 800 PM
Wednesday 800 AM – 800 PM
Thursday 800 AM – 800 PM
Friday 800 AM – 800 PM
Saturday 800 AM – 800 PM
Sunday 800 AM – 800 PM

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I gave birth here in March 2017, I had a wonderful experience and the nurses were amazing. Going through billing was also an extremely pleasant experience. I came once for the ER and left after two hours of a wait because I wasn’t in dire need of care and didn’t want to wait any longer. I will be delivering here again in July 2018 and am excited to after my first birth (a month ago)

My Aunt had to be brought to this place. She was NOT well taken care of and I had to chase most of the staff around making sure they did their job. Many of them were lazy and seemed not to care. I was the Power of Attorney for my departed Aunt but despite making my wishes extremely clear, most of them were ignored by the Doctors and the staff. As a result, my Aunt got far worse before she barely got better. Less than a couple of weeks after the Doctor (I fired) released my Aunt from this "hospital", she DIED! So much more to tell. Just avoid this place as much as you can! (a month ago)

I haven’t been here but am supposed to be delivering my first child in a August here.. I’ve read nothing but negative comments about people’s ER experiences so was wondering if any moms had insight if the maternity department. My email is Price.Maysun@Gmail since comments can’t be left under reviews if anyone could please give me some insight or direct me to the other nearest hospital because I don’t want to have a negative experience in this special moment of my life.. (2 months ago)

This is the worst hospital in Lake county. All they care about is the money. Racists people and make you wait for hours when doctors go in the back and sit on their asses. I was in the back in the er hallway and they gave someone stitches in the hallway. They had needle caps on the ground underneath the the beds. I just want them to know that this is only the beginning. I advise not to go here. (a week ago)

Presented to the ER via ambulance from my workplace ~6am. I presented for a lot of different symptoms, one of which was confusion/disoriented. Couldn't think clearly at all. When asked my medication history, I tried to pull up my Medical ID on my phone as I could not remember the names of my medications or dosages. Whoever asked me my medication history brushed it off and said it wasn't necessary, they thought I was just experiencing a migraine, did not look at the medical information I brought up on my phone. I was alone in an ER bed and started experiencing tremors in my leg, wanted to signal something to nurses to see it, but they didn't put the alert button by my bed and my room faced a wall so no one could see me. Kind of unsettling. When I eventually saw a doctor, he was pretty nice. Said most likely migraine. Having never had one before, I was surprised and a bit relieved it wasn't anything worse. He performed no physical exam on me and was in the room for under a minute. Sent to CT to be sure it wasn't anything more serious. Nurses and transport were all very nice to me. Eventually set up with IV fluids and some medications. Provided little relief from my head pain, but stopped the vomiting for a little bit. I was able to fall asleep. Woke up and my doctor came in, said bloodwork and CT came back normal, discharging me with some medications. I was still very symptomatic upon discharge, called a family member to drive me home. All of my symptoms from intake persisted at home (including vomiting) and did not get better with medications they had prescribed. I slowly got better the following days, cognitive abilities coming back, still incredibly uncoordinated/unable to walk unassisted for 3 days. Upon consultation with my physician, it was their opinion I was misdiagnosed, the medications they gave me are actually contraindicated for the real problem. The missed diagnosis should have been high on the ER Doctor's differentials given the medications I was prescribed and a simple exam would have revealed a stimulated clonus that would have further pointed to the correct diagnosis. Not impressed with the care I received, and the correct diagnosis is a potentially life-threatening condition so I was lucky to only have a mild case that didn't progress after I left the hospital. I would not recommend this ED. (a month ago)

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