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Lee Health is the largest healthcare system in Southwest Florida with over 100 locations and offering doctors and medical services throughout Lee County.

Lee Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lee County, FL.

Lee Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lee Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I’ve been here several times & have mixed feelings. ER takes forever like many hospitals. I took an ambulance there for severe chest pain, & after waiting a long time. the doctor ridiculed me saying I was just having muscle cramps & sent me home. I saw a chiropractor later, & he said I had a condition known as rib head which means one of my ribs had gotten out of the socket a bit which was causing me all the pain. The hospital charged several thousand dollars for me to sit around & be given a bogus diagnosis while being rude about it. Many adjustments & over a year later, my condition resolved. When I was here another time, my gall bladder was removed. I woke up in the middle of surgery, but I don’t know if that was the hospital’s fault. I also had the biggest panic attack of my life a few hours after surgery. About 11 nurses stood around trying to figure out what to do. One or two kept telling me to calm down. What kind of training do they receive that teaches them to tell a person with a panic attack to calm down? The doctor finally arrived maybe 15-20 minutes later while I was freaking out the whole time. After observing me for a handful of minutes. a nurse asked if they should give me a breathing treatment to which he agreed. Why wasn’t he the one to come up with that idea & have them do it sooner? I had other issues with all this. but I’ll leave it at this for now. A good story, though. is when I had an allergic reaction at a sushi restaurant. I nearly died multiple times (or maybe I did die?) where my blood pressure dropped to nothing. The emergency personnel who came to help were busting their butt to keep me alive. I received several injections of adrenaline. Once I was stabilized at ER, the ambulance driver came to check on me. He asked, “Do you know how fast we got here? Three minutes flat!” I certainly knew we were flying because I was being flung back & forth in the ambulance on the way. I was grateful to him & the team that came to the restaurant. Granted, the ambulance service is separate from Lee Memorial. (a month ago)

I sit here and read these reviews and wondered if I should go somewhere else but I went anyway, and I must say that this was probably the best experience I have ever had in a hospital/Emergency room. Every single one of my nurses and front office staff were absolutely fantastic and my doctor Ian black was great. He explained everything to me and I can't say enough about my experience on the 12th of July. Thankyou to everyone that helped me today. (a week ago)

My mom was a patient there for a whole week. That same week she was back in there by Friday. She sat in the waiting room for 3 whole hours before she got a room. That was truly ridiculous especially since she was just a patient. Unfortunately my mom passed away early Saturday morning with sepsis. If they would have seen her sooner she probably would still be here. I believe she's in a better place but I'm still bitter. I would not trust Lee Memorial with my dog if I had one. (5 months ago)

I came into this hospital emergency room with a severe allergic reaction. All of the staff was quick to react , very knowledgeable and happy to help with smiles!! I can tell the employees have a big heart. I recomend this hospital er to all!! It was by far THE BEST ER visit I have ever experianced. (3 weeks ago)

My friend was hospitalized there. Was one mistake after other. She left the hospital trying to protect her integrity. The doctor agree (a month ago)

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