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Welcome! Proudly serving our community, LeConte Medical Center offers a full array of medical specialties and outstanding medical technology!

Leconte Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cumberland County, TN.

Leconte Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Leconte Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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We are here on vacation and hubby had what looked to be a stroke. Within a minute of pulling up outside a nurse had a wheelchair and took hubby straight back for triage. A dr was called right to triage and stroke protocol begun instantly. The care we received today in the ER was amazing... hubby has been admitted and I’m happy to say the continuity of care has not changed on the ward. Not sure how long his stay will be but this facility and staff have turned what could have been a devastating day for our family into one of hope. I’m so thankful! (a month ago)

Not impressed!!! Medical staff is very RUDE and VERY unfriendly and unprofessional!!! Been here for almost 3 hours and not one nurse has asked my husband if he needed anything...never offered water or anything. Here for a severe migraine and lower back pain and hasn’t offered him anything to relieve the pain. Haven’t done anything to help him. Nurses are super loud out in the halls laughing and joking!! Ready to leave!!!!!!!!! If I could give 0 stars I WOULD!!! (2 months ago)

They were amazing! We were in and out in 4 hours due to them being busy. We were on vacation and they cared so much for our son who had pneumonia and they showed us great respect. Thank you again! (a week ago)

Very rude and unresponsive staff. Boyfriend and i arrived in the ER around 12am. The blonde lady at the front desk had a horrible attitude and no people skills. If you want fast and efficient help, id suggest another hospital. Unfortunately we are visiting from out of town and weren’t familiar with anywhere other than here and, being as it was an emergency, had no other option. Going on 1 hour after being placed in a room, we are currently sitting and waiting to see a doctor while we listen to the nurses gossip about other people(Patients, nurses and other doctors). I’m so glad they have enough free time on their hands to do so while we sit and haven’t been seen by anyone. The lack of hospitality is sickening. Edit: Dr McClain is the only good thing about this hospital. He was extremely helpful and very kind. This hospital does not deserve him. (2 months ago)

This "hospital" and I use this term very loosely has got to be by far the most unprofessional medical establishment I have ever entered. I was raised in East Tennessee and have been there several times. Most times have been mostly satisfactory. Not great. Never above and beyond just I didn't die. But this last visit was absolutely the worst experience I've ever had at ANY medical facility. As I entered the waiting area, there was no one there and I was taken back immediately for chest pain. The nurse at the front desk was very nice as was the triage nurse. They got me to a room and began hooking me up to the machines ans got an EKG. They all seemed very attentive. Then the doctor came in and began to ask my medical history. Surgeries..etc.. When I explained to him I had had a heart valve replaced 10 years (almost 11 years) ago, of course he wanted to know why. I told him it was because of poor decisions when i was younger. Meaning i am a recovering addict. That's when everything shifted. Right then I knew what I was in for. The "oh sweetie can we get you anything?" Turned into they were too put out by a "junkie". Ten years clean pr not. The doctor kept asking me "you don't do that anymore do you?" I told the man that if I did, I would be dead. It has been 10 YEARS. The nurse's attitudes all changed. They removed needles from the room as if i were going to steal them to try and get high. Even just asking to go to the restroom seemed to put them out. I have never been so humiliated in all my life. It is one thing had I'd been in active addiction. But a completely different story to be treated so unfairly because i once WAS an addict. I hope no one ever has to go through what i just endured. Needless to say, i got dressed and left and i will never return. And to be quite honest am considering legal action for unethical medical practices and discrimination. I would not take an animal to this hospital. (3 months ago)

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