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HOBBS, NM 88240

Lea Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lea County, NM.

Lea Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lea Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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This is the absolute worst hospital I have been to in my life. Laid in a bed for two hours crying in pain, only once did they check on me and only because I accidently pulled the call button out of the wall. The nurse straight up told me idk when or if I will get back in here to check on you. That is pathetic, i asked the Dr, black lady to check my concerns to which I receive an answer of were an emergency room, you can wait until tomorrow when you see you pcp. Mind you I'm from out of town, I thought the reason they become Drs is to help people when they are sick. I have never felt like this in my life. I do not see how she practices medicine. She has no heart and obviously another Dr just in it for the money. I would have rather traveled back home then come here. At least they take care of there patients. (2 weeks ago)

I hope someone working in the emergency room reads this because you guys have provided me with excellent care when I was admitted to the ER after my car crash. My pride was very hurt (still very hurt now) and I was crying immensely with a runny nose and neck-brace, but you all showed me delicate care and support during my time there. One of you even wiped my nose and tears away! I'm still healing from the trauma physically and emotionally, but I just wanted to send a BIG thank you to you all at the ER; I wish I can give you all a hug! ❤ (3 months ago)

Most of the staff is really nice specially one of the ladies at the front is always dancing and has a up beat personality and one of the nurses he’s from Mississippi gave my daughters fairy wings and really cared and loves his job . I love when you can go and stressed because both of my kids have the flu I really appreciate how nice they were and the older doctor that works there at night and before 7 In the morning is amazing and really cares (5 months ago)

Every nurse, doctor, and x-ray specialist has been rude. We are from Michigan, and have never been treated the way we were in this hospital. My boyfriend asked for an X-ray of his back and they denied him. For a hospital, it’s very dirty, trash on the floor, looks like it hasn’t been mopped in days. Nasty napkins and tape stuck to the floor. They treated my boyfriend as if he was faking it. Barley anyone we seen, spoke English. There’s currently 5 nurses standing outside the emergency rooms talking about their hair while we’ve been sitting in here for 2 hours waiting on an x ray that was just refused. Never even weighed him or anything. (4 months ago)

The nurses were great.They got me in quick and were pretty funny! Unfortunately I wasted money and time going in as they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with me.So just sent me home with pain medication instead of doing further test.I have to now drive to Lubbock and pay more money to actually see what’s going on.Its very unfortunate that we can’t have better drs. to make sure we are okay.Having something be wrong with you and a dr coming in shrugging me saying he doesn’t know what’s wrong is pretty unsettling.I left the ER and spent the night throwing up and woke up even sicker (7 months ago)

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