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Lds Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Salt Lake County, UT.

Lds Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lds Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I loved having my delivery here, twice. The staff was wonderful and respectful of my wishes and how I wanted certain things handled. They were very supportive of skin to skin and exclusively breastfeeding feeding. They were generous with the food they feed you, enough to share with my husband too. I always had a view out my window too. Cheery place to have a baby. ๐Ÿ˜Š (a month ago)

I have been pleased with the Labor & Delivery department at LDS. The nurses were friendly and encouraging. The meal services met our needs. I was very pleased with the Endoscopy department. I have chronic conditions that may lead to after-hour medical care needs, so I have been to the ER a couple times. Their ER department is the best ER that I have been to despite one quirky physician that was obviously overwhelmed with my condition. However, the ER department is very willing to contact primary care physicians and make sure that someone that knows the patient best is helping to determine the best course of action. (4 months ago)

My aged Mom has been several times past few years always gets good care always admitted through the ER. However seems some people are not getting through to her about post care. One stay was for several weeks bed and wheelchair bound. After she was realeased she thought she didnt need physical therapy. Seems to indicate a hospital social worker if any saw her did not get through to her she might lose her mobility. As a result she has lost her mobility to go outside of the house shopping or her haircare....Now she is somehow convinced a doctor told her to just go to the ER for her chronic conditions is the best treatment. She is hard of hearing so perhaps she misunderstood what someone told her. However her nurse or a hospital social worker should have realized that she is hard of hearing. Is well known waiting until have to go to the ER can have fatal consequences if a tongue is swollen can't breathe. While I try to work at home can't always and not at all from June though September. Of course I have 3 weeks vacation a year too. (a month ago)

My mom fell and hurt herself... They took x-rays and said ohhh your fine... Well turns out she has cracked ribs.. and my mom's doctor could feel it with her hands... Horrible place.. they don't care about people or the health of others all you are is another dollar sign in their eyes... Not to mention the cleaning lady is nuts and will bug you for a hour if you let her and she doesn't go away.. I have tattoos on my arms and they treated me as if I was a drug addict or a thug to.. didn't like the little smerks and dirty looks... (a month ago)

Haven't delivered yet, but I visited labor and delivery today at the request of my OB who was out of the office. They were very kind and helpful, took the time to hear my concerns and even took extra time to give me advice pre-labor & delivery. Wonderful team here I'm excited to have my baby here! Update: Delivered my baby here, happy and healthy. Had a really great experience!! Everyone was very kind, friendly, and encouraging. I would love to deliver here again in the future Second update: Got the sweetest thank you card from our RN that helped me through labor and delivery and our hospital stay. Holly and Tammy were amazing and the rest of the staff too. We had the best nurses over the 2 days we stayed. Thanks LDS!!! (5 months ago)

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