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LAUREL, MD 20707

Laurel Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Prince Georges County, MD.

Laurel Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Laurel Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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You are better off dying in the street than going to Laurel Regional Hospital. The lobby is nice, but go beyond the lobby and it's 1960. DIRTY! I don't mean a little, I mean NASTY DIRTY! Old style beds, the kind that only fold out in one position. Not the electric adjustable beds. Old 10" tube TV that you have to pay $10 per day to watch! Old equipment everywhere. Paint chipping off of walls. The floors haven't been redone in decades! Bathrooms were nasty. I have been in nicer crack houses and I am not lying or exaggerating! If an ambulance says "We're taking you to Laurel Hospital." Yell, scream, get out of the moving ambulance. Take a cab 10 miles away and then call another ambulance and they'll take you to a different hospital. I don't care if you are bleeding to death, Laurel Regional wouldn't have the staff or equipment to treat you. It's a time capsule form 1960. I cannot over stress this, DO NOT GO TO LAUREL REGIONAL HOSPITAL FOR ANY REASON. I wouldn't allow my dog to get his shots here. This isn't a joke. I was in a serious auto accident. Had tests done and you can physically see everything is OLD. From bed, tv, equipment, etc. Ambulance is taking you to Laurel Hospital? Scream, give the driver your last money or jewelry, anything to avoid it at all costs. Run down, dirty, nasty, cheap, crack house looking and smelling, just don't go! Read the other reviews. JUST SAY NO! (a month ago)

Awful service and UNBELIEVABLY long wait time. I never write reviews especially bad once because I believe people & organizations deserve chances but this experience left me no choice. I bought my brother here to laurel hospital ER, who had been in a car accident was dizzy, injured leg and back aches. We got here at 5:45pm, there were about total 5 people in the emergency room, including us. However, it was 12:38am when they finally check him. None of the people on the front desk were helpful, just sitting there giggling and laughing. There was a kid there who was suffering from an ear infection of some sort, they came shortly after us and they were still there when we got called in (the kid was in so much pain) but no urgency on anyone’s part. His parents were doing everything to keep him calm but he is a kid. The excuse they gave us was that they are waiting on a bed so they can accommodate him (my brother) but they hadn’t checked him yet so how do they know what was wrong with him. And if they can’t accomodate people maybe they should let them know so the patients can go to another nearby hospital. This is a hospital they are dealing with lives & wellbeing's of people they must show some empathy and urgency. Not sit there on their phones or make a patient wait 7 hours while they are in pain. I would recommend never going to that hospital if you want to get treated or expect to be treated like a decent human being. (a week ago)

Ever heard of upcoding? This hospital is the definition of that. I came in with sharp pain in my stomach. They ran every test they could bill my insurance for. I asked for ice or water they said no because I had thrown up. They left me in a room with a fever of 102 for two hours. They finally came to get me for an MRI, then CAT scan which I wasn’t sure why I was getting in the first place. The put me back in the room for another hour. They came back to get X-rays, I was weak and collapsed when I tried to get up, instead of helping me the nurse got in my face and told to calm down to slow my breathing that I was going to kill myself if I didn’t calm down. I could barely talk and I was cover in cold sweat I told I need water. After FIVE hours of being in the hospital she finally had them put me an IV. I stayed over night the pain was still going. They said test were inconclusive. In the morning they switch my IV bag and the new shift came in. I told the nurse I was still in pain she said there nothing more we can do, we need the bed. She then took out my new IV and said this isn’t happen quick enough, you’ll be fine, go home and buy some TUMs, go see your doctor on Monday, mind you this was Saturday morning. I continued in pain for the rest of the weekend. I got an appointment for Tuesday and my doctor let me know it was probably an ulcer and the testing they did was completely unnecessary. They should have done an endoscopy. Then he review the test from the hospital and there was abnormal results for my kidney but the nurse nor the doctor even mentioned that to me. The hospital is horrible they are rude and they don’t care about the patient they just want to make sure they get the biggest and quickest pay out of your insurance. (3 months ago)

They are horrible. Doctor was rude ! He said his job wasn’t to find out what’s wrong it’s to tell me if I had a bloodclot or if I’m having a heart attack. I was there for 4 hours and I was spoken to / checked on 1 TIME ! One nurse gave me tuna and I couldn’t eat it so I got him. He gonna say that’s all we have so eat it or give it back. Rather die then go back. NEEDS TO SHUT DOWN (a month ago)

Please keep in mind that this review dies not include all of the Emergency Department Staff, but... I was ignored for hours, and left freezing in a room, after repeatedly asking for blankets. I requested to use the bathroom, and finally had to drag myself to the front of the bed and climb off, after disconnecting my blood pressure, and pulse oximeter units. I was barely able to see or walk. And the nurse had the nerve to tell "pee in the cup while you're in there." The doctor in particular, was so clearly uninterested in me or the incredible pain I was in, that he was willing to discharge me when I was basically in the same condition that I had arrived in. just layed in the bed. His nurse was so unattentive that she didn't notice. Thank God the 3:00 shift arrived during my "protest." I explained to the new doctor, and was admitted to the hospital. This is the third experience with this hospital, where emergency services resulting in admission we're needed. The ONLY reason that I went there was because the level of pain required the closest medical facility. Shameful. The Only reason they get two stars is that the second shift was amazing, as was my nurses on the floor. I'm glad I wrote this review. It made me. See that I need to file an official complaint. (a month ago)

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