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201 14TH ST SW, LARGO, FL 33770
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201 14TH ST SW
LARGO, FL 33770

Largo Medical Center is a full-service, emergency care hospital specializing in bariatric care in Largo.

Largo Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pinellas County, FL.

Largo Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Largo Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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My husband has been treated here for the past year. We have Always been treated with respect and dignity. Everyone Is WONDERFUL HERE ! I wish there were more LARGO MEDICAL CENTERS (3 weeks ago)

My sister and mother came in for a kidney transplant. My mother the donor and my sister the recipient. First things first; we come in and my sister had a double chart created for her which caused information to be lost and test to be repeated. My mother and sister’s blood work session was more like a blood bash as the nurses were trying to find a vein to draw blood from. Then my mother goes down to surgery and comes back out and no one calls us to let us know. Little did we know they were trying to cover up how bad her blood work came out after the surgery. My mother was shivering, had a fever and was in a lot of pain. The nurse had absolutely no idea what to do or what was going on - she was completely clueless. After 30 minutes of not knowing what to do her surgeon comes in and makes the decision to place her in the ICU. Let’s talk about the ICU nurses. ARROGANT, RUDE AND PLAIN DISGUSTING. We come in and my mother is in need of assistance and no one comes in to help. Nurses were all focused on eating candy from their little red gift bag instead of assisting their patients and when asked to help were giving the patient and the patient’s family attitude. My mother has had a fever now since 2pm and it is now 11pm - the nurse has come in twice to check up on her. My sister has had a blood pressure of 199/90 since she got out of the surgery with a new kidney (which I’m no doctor but anyone with common sense would know that it could damage the new organ) but no, not to the nurses they could care less. Red gift candy bag was a lot more important. Needless to say if you want to come out alive AVOID THIS HOSPITAL. (a month ago)

It has been many years that I haven't visited or had occasion to use Largo Medical Hospital. I am 81 years old my family live in New York and I had to have surgery on my sinuses. Due to other conditions my doctor advised that I stay 24-hour observe in the hospital. I returned home yesterday. I found that the hospital had been totally changed . Private room that was clean efficient and both the AM and PM staff couldn't be better. They were polite caring and totally understanding of the needs of an elderly patient. From the ambulatory services to the hospital intake procedure I could not wish for anything better and without any reservation I am so happy that I can depend on having Largo Medical Hospital as my first choice for my medical needs. I strongly recommend for those of you that remember what it was like in the past to give it a try again, as I did, you will be greatly rewarded. (2 months ago)

This is the best hospital I have ever been too! I was admitted for a few days. And the staff was friendly and caring,empathetic. I‘ve never experienced such wonderful care like I did at Largo Medical hospital . I don’t know how to thank them so I put in a review. Thanks Largo Medical you guys rock! (2 months ago)

My husband was transported by ambulance to the ER from work for severe chest pain. My main issue with this facility was with the nurses station and a particular nurse, Jason. He was obnoxiously loud the entire 5 hours we were there and very unprofessional. I’m sure he’s highly aware of how loud he is as he seemed to crave attention the entire time we were there from other colleagues. Himself and the nurse ( long black hair with glasses) who was “taking care” of my husband were openly talking about a encounter for the whole ER to hear. Jason continuously used curse words throughout his elaborate story (and in general) and had a whole group of workers watching a video of an encounter that happened. the nurse started to reenact the encounter for which seemed like story time for her colleagues, wailing her hands and cursing and stating what she should have said and done. When my husband was discharged by Dr. Snyder, whom was the only good thing that came out of this scare, the nurse came in and literally had to stand there awkwardly to read the discharge papers because she obviously had no clue what was going on. She seemed very lost and spoke as as if she was uneducated. I was embarrassed for her. She then suggested that my husband does not have to take what the doctor suggested and to just take otc medications instead . Yet, if she focused on her JOB instead of telling stories, she would know that he is beyond taking OTC as his condition is severe. Being a “teaching hospital” you should consider Teaching your staff to be professional. (3 months ago)

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