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Lancaster Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lancaster County, PA.

Lancaster Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lancaster Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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They did an amazing job taking care of my fiance. Super nice, caring and attentive staff. They even brought my man a rose and gift bag when he we relased to go home. He has had a few surgeries at other hospitals and this visit far exceeded our expectations. Dawn, his overnight nurse was by far our favourite. She was extremely professional. She was firm but sweet, caring and able to joke around with us. (2 months ago)

My experience was horrible. I spent 16 hours for 2 CAT scans and no results. They gave me dye medicine to look at my appendix and then pumped it all out through my NG tube. I wasted an entire day just to be back at square 1. I had no one check on me the entire time I was in my room and my nursing assistant had an attitude once I requested to get transferred to a different hospital. Never coming here again (2 months ago)

The Medical Center for surgery and special testing is absolutely horrible! My husband and I had taken our 4 year old daughter there for a sedated MRI about 2 weeks ago. Of course all you hear is nurses gossiping up at the nurses station, our lovely nurse probably made 14 phone calls because she didn't have an order for the MRI, ALSO WAS confused with what time she was supposed to give oral medication to our daughter, the female anesthesiologist was very cold and flat, no smile, real comforting to a child. Then the nurse tried to give our daughter oral beret to relax her and my daughter spit it out, my husband and I tried to give her it and still wouldn't take it. My husband asked what it actually was and the nurse said Vercet and juice, my husband asked what kind of juice and the nurse said it's actually not juice it's Tylenol, so she lied there and then she said if she doesn't drink it, they are gonna hold her down. Lol. Not really. That's when I flipped and screamed were outta here, the nurse is like why? I said incompetence! We got our little girl dressed so quick and we were outta there. I definitely did not feel safe with putting my childs life in those people's hands. (3 months ago)

So 3 reasons for a one star. 1. A woman's kid throw up all around the wating room floor, no one helped hI er clean it up.(other the me at least) 2. Girlfriend asked for a pee sample, and piss on the floor got her paints wet. When I asked for something else for her to ware that said that would get me paper paints. No one ever did i went to my car and grabbed a spare luckly i had. 3.did not help ous find out what was wrong or diagnose anything, we just sat there for 6 and a half hours for an xray and a simple blood test. No helpful advice or ideas on what we should do or if it persists, other then if it's still happening in a week to come on back. (3 months ago)

The only reason I dont give this a 1 star is because of the nurse who looked at our daughter before we were taken into a room. He seemed to be the only one their who was competent. 3 different people looked at our daughter and we were told 3 completely conflicting things. Then we were left in our room for 20 minutes while the doctor "went to calculate how much tylenol is safe to give". Which i was able to look up on the label about 10 seconds after she left the room. Then when we had a doctor finally come back, she came back and started treating her as the patient who was actoss the hall from us (it needs to be said that the only patients in the ER at this time were us and 1 person across the hall), and they still couldnt keep us straight. After we were able to leave our room we had to check out, which took another 30 minutes because the lady spoke about 10 percent english and couldnt type on her keyboard due to her manicure that she was just given. She then could not figure out how to print a receipt for us and told us she would mail it to our address (if she even wrote that down correctly), but judging by other reviews on here i dont expect to get anything in the mail. Long story short, if i had lost a limb and was bleeding out, id drive an extra 15 minutes to a different hospital. (5 months ago)

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