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Catholic, non-profit hospital, skilled nursing facility for long-term care, and assisted living. Also operates a home nursing program and a hospice program. Their ...

Lakewood Health Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lake Of The Woods County, MN.

Lakewood Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lakewood Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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When I called the facility, it took a while until I reached the right person, but then I scheduled a tour of the facility for the next day. The lovely woman at the reception took me to the dining room and activity rooms that were filled with very attentive staff. There was lively music and many of the residents were smiling, singing and enjoying themselves. There was a lot of camaraderie and care between the many caretakers and the long term guests of Lakewood Healthcare. The rooms were clean and well appointed. A great place. (a year ago)

If I could give this facility '0' stars I would in a heartbeat. Not only is this one of the most unsanitary places I've ever visited (including Skid Row in LA), the supervision of patients is poor at best. My grandmother was transferred here after having been at Edgewater in Long Beach due to issues with insurance paying out. Her mobility and motor skills have declined drastically, and she has fallen out of bed (which never happened her entire 4 month stay at Edgewater) and has unexplained cuts and scratches. Her room is directly across from the nurses station. Instead of the nurses tending to the patients, they had their heads down in their cellphones and two girls were braiding each others hair. Within the first 30 minutes of my visit, a man wheeled himself into my grandmother's room and climbed into a bed opposite of hers. When I went out to the nurses station, I stood for a minute while the man behind the desk ignored me. It wasn't until I said excuse me that he looked up to acknowledge me. I asked him if men and women were allowed to be housed in the same room? He looked at me like I was dumb before asking me to repeat myself. I asked my question again and followed up by saying that there was a man in her room in the bed opposite of hers. This seemed to trigger some sense of urgency as he got up to investigate the situation. By the time I turned back around to walk into the room, the man had gotten out of bed, back into his wheelchair, and into the bathroom where he proceeded to defecate everywhere. A nurse came in to clean up the patient and put him back in the room he belonged in. Moments later, a gentleman arrived to clean the bathroom. He was stopped by a woman with an attitude asking why he was coming to clean this room unscheduled. I intervened and let her know what happened at which point she lost the attitude and apologized, allowing the man to clean up the mess. After the room was clean, I went to the front desk to get the facility director's information. The RN supervisor on duty who was standing at the front desk said that there weren't any business cards for the woman. The front desk attendant came back and I asked him for the information. He could only provide me a first name, claims he didn't know her last name and didn't have a direct number or extension, only the number to the facility. I would encourage anyone who is considering this facility, NOT TO. I will be following up with the director, the Region IV Ombudsman, as well as the Licensing and Certification division of the Department of Public Health. (8 months ago)

Very poor facility. not clean, smelled like urine, patients were dirty and smelled, staff spoke to the patients like they were dirt, even spoke to me like I was unimportant. Patients clothes disappear when sent to the laundry-started doing the laundry at a local laundromat. Avoid this place, there are plenty of others to choose from. (10 months ago)

My mother was admitted in July, 2016. On my first visit, the facility smelled of urine. On my second visit, there was food smeared on the floor. On my third visit, there was a puddle of urine right in front of the employee desk in the unit. There were 3 employees at the desk at the time. None of them looked up to see the urine or acknowledge me. I wish my mother never went there. (a year ago)

I just tried calling and nobody picked up. The phone just kept ringing for over a minute. There wasn't even a voice message option available. I had to serial call 5 times before someone picked up. When a person did pick up all she said was "hello". I had to ask if I had actually reached the facility. Then she was of no help and kept complaining that she didn't know where to look because she didn't think my mother was in her wing. Finally she got a brilliant idea...get her she put me hold for approximately 9 minutes. I finally got frustrated and hung up. I tried calling back and go figure nobody answers...again...I called 3 times and still no luck so I'm writing this review. What kind of facility doesn't have enough staffing to answer a phone??? Absolutely shameful...a sham of a facility designed to bilk people of their funds!!! Disgusting!!! (2 years ago)

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