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2301 HIGHWAY 71, SPIRIT LAKE, IA 51360
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2301 HIGHWAY 71

Lakes Regional Healthcare, Spirit Lake, IA provides hospital and clinic services in northwest Iowa including family care, cardiac screenings and childbirth.

Lakes Regional Healthcare is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dickinson County, IA.

Lakes Regional Healthcare does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lakes Regional Healthcare is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The cost/pricing here is horrible and makes no sense. Billing issues with Avera are also sent to Lakes Regional and I've had issues with both. The SAME exact services are covered when I go to Sioux Falls for my medical needs. Not to mention the baseline charges that are not covered by insurance claims put in by Lakes Regional are AT LEAST 3x's the amount as in Sioux Falls. Worth the 1.5 hour drive to Sioux Falls when you are charged $800 for the same service offered in Sioux Falls for $300. (in the last week)

We sat in the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours and left. People were coming in after us and got in sooner. If someone is wanting better service and faster care just drive up the road fifteen minutes to Spencer hospital at least they take care of you. What a shame for a small town hospital not to give you prompt service. I wouldn't step foot in that hospital again even if it was serious. Shame on our healthcare services in spirit lake iowa!!!! (2 weeks ago)

I took my mother to the ER Sunday late afternoon early evening I want to thank the nurses and doctor on duty for being extremely patient and helpful very nice staff however the staff that came on at 7pm I was very frustrated with they seem very moody and abrasive that was the point I just wanted to get my mom out of there i thought they staff coming on were almost rude I specially like to thank Sheryl I believe was the nurses name who stayed to assist my mother preparing to leave and treated her with dignity and respect unlike the new nurse coming on duty (2 years ago)

I grew up in Spirit Lake, Iowa. I know many of the people who work at LRH and, in fact, used to work there myself. The nurses are generally friendly and the doctors on staff are outstanding...for the most part. I have had wonderful experiences with almost every single visit to this establishment and the personnel who are employed within its walls. I am rating LRH with two stars because of the final and most difficult facet of this establishment, the billing department. One could assume that I am saying this because nobody likes bill collectors, that they expect me to pay my bill and so I'm going to speak poorly of them...this is not the case. I have dealt with MANY bill collectors in my life and have NEVER been treated the way Marcia in billing has treated me, both in person and on the phone. Her title is "Financial Councelor". By this woman, I have been treated as though I PERSONALLY owe her money, she is short, rude, lacking compassion and quite honestly very short on TACT. This woman is dealing with people for reasons she may not be aware of including mental health, financial hardships following a surgery or doctors visit...and often an emergency. I apologized for a misunderstanding in a recent phone conversation with her about a financial assistance application and she didn't even go so far as to acknowledge my apology. She has hung up on me without reason and has left me holding the phone feeling violated, hurt and lost. I worked in social work for two years and learned a lot about what it looks like to deal with the public. My suggestion is, make this woman take some sensitivity training. Most people (including myself) understand that we need to pay our bills and Marcia is going to get paid whether I do or not. I believe in keeping things local, I appreciate the service provided by LRH....but the lasting impression in many people minds is going to be that of Marcia. And I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has had this experience as I have heard many stories. (3 years ago)

Always Pleasant! This Place has been like Family! (2 years ago)

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