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Lakes Region General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Belknap County, NH.

Lakes Region General Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Lakes Region General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Amazing service and attention during my recent surgery and stay. Professionals all the way. So lucky to have this hospital in my own town. (a month ago)

Was hospitalized while I was on vacation at Laconia and had to have an emergency appendectomy. Out of nowhere had terrible pain in my side and turns out my appendix was about to rupture. Went to ER and everyone there was very attentive and caring. They tested me right away and scheduled immediate emergency surgery. Dr. Ray was great – responsive, explained everything, professional and caring – great bedside manner and knowledgeable – he covered it all. Saw him every day I was in the hospital, including over the weekend. All of the nurses were great, super responsive, kind, and caring. Especially Abby – answering my every need. And Matt was great too – always took the time to tell me what was going on and what I needed to do to get better. Can’t understand some of the crazy negative reviews I’ve read. I was in there June 2018 and my experience was 5 stars. Thanks to everyone who got me back on my feet and I am sorry for anyone’s name I forgot to mention – everyone was great. Hope to see you next year again for bike week but next time as a visitor not a patient! Thanks LRGH – you’re all the best! (3 weeks ago)

Director of quality care was called when I was hospitalized in Feb or March for a nurse giving me quadruple my dose of a prescribed med. Even after I told her it didnt took right but she insisted that she ordered it from the pharmacy.. I was a mess!! Called the director the next day from my hospital bed and got voicemail.. called again the day I got out and another voicemail.. and to this day i have NEVER received a call back.. I was discharged this morning (after threatening to leave) and I'm just so disappointed.. next time (hopefully no more next times) I will tell my hubby to have the ambulance take me to Huggins or Plymouth!! This one nurse on last night's shift screamed at me!! My call button had fallen on the floor and each time it sounded like someone was around my room - I would call out: "hello?" I did this like 4 times and the 5th time - I called out a bit louder.. this horrible nurse's aid came to my door (with my nurse right behind her) and literally screamed at me - "are we done screaming in here now".. i angrily responded back at her that I was not screaming and that I had called out several times already.. thankfully my nurse Dana was right there and came to help me.. (my call button had fallen to the floor) as he was tending to me she stood in my doorway giving me this evil look.. I asked her why she was still there staring at me.. I asked Dana to close my door and please make sure she comes no where near my room.. Dana was absolutely a doll.. talked to me about my condition and has always been 100% on point in my last 3 hospital stays.. he is truly a man who was created to care for others.. they're a little hard to find at LRGH.. it's the nurses aids who obviously took a 4 or 8 month course and that certificate makes 80% of them power mongers!! they need to get rid of that call button system.. you buzz; they answer; you tell them what you need; and 99% of the time you get nothing!! My room had no toilet paper and I buzzed to ask for toilet paper.. 30 minutes - nothing... go to the bathroom and pull the button in the bathroom.. this sweet little aid brought me 3 wet wioes. I asked another aid why I couldn't get toilet paper and she said: that's a maintance thing - we dont keep toilet paper on the floor!! Are you kidding me? I was up talking to my nurse the night before fir a little while and then I was up at 7 am and asked for water.. walked to my room door and a black haired nurse with a very heavy accent asked me from down the hall what I needed.. I asked for some cold water like 40 minutes ago - can you get someone to get it or show me and I'll get it myself? She snaps out NPO.. excuse me? NPO, NPO!! I went back to my room and called the nurse to ask what NPO is and she said its no food or water!! Call for my nurse (at this point I dont want to push that button unless my life depends on it) and my nurse says: they had you on no food or water because you were in and out of consciousness.. ok, well I was up last night and I've been up since 7am and my mouth tastes like mud..she says "when I came in this morning to give you your meds you were still pretty out of it", but i'll put a call in to your doctor to see if we can take you off NPO".. she was totally lying!! I sat up took the meds, and laid back down, but if anyone had ever peeked in on me after 7 am - i was sitting on the bed staring at a brick wall!! Meds in pill form? Given with a cup of warm water! Like it has been sitting in a pitcher for hours or just no ice ever.. By 9am I was leaving whether or not the doctor signed me out.. I felt like I was a nuisance and they controlled my care... Nurse Dana? I cant say enough about how caring, calm, and informative he is.. he understood my condition and treated me like a human - how everyone wants their mother, grandmother, wife, and daughter treated..😊 LRGH seriously needs to have their aids and nurses attend a mandatory compassion and general care course.. The R.N.'s should already have that, but do they take care of a patient as they would a family member - husband, wife, mother, etc.. (a month ago)

Pff who needs doctors when you actually eat correctly and exercise. (a month ago)

Where do I begin? The ER, while its doing its "best" to keep up, fails. It leaves patients unattended for hours while 1 doctor in the entire ER helps 15+ rooms. The nurses are doing their best. The facility in the ER department is dirty and OLD. It looks like something from an old TV show. Dirty floors and old uncomfortable beds. The time it takes you to get a hospital bill is 6+ months, by the time you receive it you forgot you had even been there. The Hospital itself is trying to keep a float in the busy times. While the main hospital is nicely set up and the staff are great and helpful, the services fall short. I took my health else where after my surgery because I felt I would get worse not better! I would rather go to Concord Hospital, risk the drive while in pain and risk my safety than go back to LRGH! That is why I give this Hospital and its affiliates 1/5 stars. (10 months ago)

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