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Photo: Lake Granbury Medical Center

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Lake Granbury Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hood County, TX.

Lake Granbury Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lake Granbury Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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In 25 years of being in the Healthcare industry I have never witnessed anything even close to how bad this hospital was. I could write a 10,000 word essay on all the issues we experienced. Please spare your loved ones and take them to another hospital. One with educated, compassionate, and prompt care. We are reporting to the State in hopes that nobody ever has to experience all that we did. (3 months ago)

Most of the nurses are ok but there are a couple here that really hit a nerve pretty badly. Just had our son Friday morning and they finally moved us into a room that was a decent size but one nurse kept complaining that it's too hot in the room for our son. We changed the thermostat several times but she still keeps griping. There are several things that they told us about the infection our son had gotten that doesn't make sense. Not a good place to go for anything really. Staying a lot longer than what was supposed to happen because of the infection he had gotten. Had to keep doing tests on him and the one nurse kept telling my wife she wasn't breast feeding him properly although she learned really quickly th first day and a half we were here. A lot of things aren't as they should be here. Stay away from this place if you can. (in the last week)

My father was taken to emergency for stomach issues. Due to their swift actions and compassion, they had him on a Careflite to Harris Heart Center to meet up with a surgeon that saved his life. He had a Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm which could burst at any moment. Thank your help in this dire situation. (2 months ago)

ER is a complete joke. Sending my home when I cannot even eat because my lapband is to tight I can't even take my medications nor can I get liquids down. They say I have to wait to see my Dr on Monday. so I'm supposed to go without meds and food for 4 more days on top of the 3 I already have. Drs was rude as hell and the PA was no help either keeps saying I am just nauseous......Dr Hall is a prick I literally told him to get the help out of my room. And he proceeded to go on and on and tell me about all the things not wrong with me instead of really address what is wrong with me. (a month ago)

Arrived at the Emergency room with a several kidney problem. They had to operate to put in a stint. I was in ICU for several days and then moved up to the regular ward. The nurses, doctors and even housekeeping were wonderful!! Unfortunately, I have been in many DFW hospitals and this was by far the best. My sincere thanks to the staff and management. (6 months ago)

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