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Lake District Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, OR.

Lake District Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lake District Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I love love love this hospital! It is super clean and everyone is super nice and very efficient. No reason to complain. I wish more hospitals were like this one. (a month ago)

I came into the Emergency Room on October 6th, 2017 after having flipped my quad. Had severe pain in my ribs,shoulder, and arm. Dr. Smith ordered an X-ray. The X-ray technician wanted me to raise my arms so she could take the scan. I was,in a lot of pain and doing my best to raise my arms. She got impatient, and jerked my arm straight up. Something popped, and immediately my shoulder, after quick burst of excruciating pain, felt better. I realized my shoulder must have been displaced. But no apology, or anything. After all the scans were back, Dr. Smith said no bones were broken. I asked if he was sure nothing was broke because I could feel cracking and popping in my ribs, and the pain was awful. He assured me it was just "bruising, and that sometimes bruising can feel more painful than a,broken bone." He sent me home. The next day, the pain was even worse. He didn't order anymore scans, just said I would hurt for a,few days. Dr. Smith and the nurse started talking to me about ANXIETY, and how anxiety can make things, seem worse. He did give me a shot of a,strong pain meds but said "NOTHING WAS BROKEN," so it would be inappropriate to admit me. Again, I was,sent home. Come Monday, the pain was excrutiating, and I made an appointment with my Doctor. Dr. Graham. Thank God for Dr. Graham. He ordered another scan with contrast dye, which revealed THREE BROKEN RIBS, AND A FRACTURED SHOULDER BLADE!! The swelling was still to much, but I may also have a,TORN ROTATOR CUFF! This hospital is a joke, with the exception of my Doctor and a couple others. There are a few nice and caring nurses, but for the most part, they are mean and condescending. Unless you are able to See Dr.Graham, Dr. Gallagher, or lesa Cahill, STAY AWAY from this hospital! (8 months ago)

Worst hospital, worst staff, worst experience of my life. Heartless and careless people!! After having my son here I had to clean up my own blood off the floor in the bathroom..housekeeping never came in for the 2 days we were there! They never offered fresh water or linens..they sent in a CNA to give my son a bath and she turns around and says to us I'm not sure what to do as I don't have kids!!! This is the worst most sickening place in lake county! Alllllll of the staff were sitting behind the nursed station on their cell phones. When visitors came to see us they were treated horribly. The staff acted like we were just a bother and burden. There was absolutely NO COMPASSION. Another experience like tonight as I go in to visit a woman who has very much become a grandmother to me, they left her lying in the same position for 12+ hours, mouth so dry her tounge was white and lips crusted. Her safety clip had dug into her shoulder, her ear enflamed from lying on it for that long. And those heartless cold souls had no care to turn that frail fragile woman!!! I hope they get the same treatment when it is their turn for help. Your staff Is absolutely the worst people you could find!! Where on earth do these people come from!!!! Someone someday will have the biggest lawsuit against this place! I sure hope it happens soon. The way they treat and care for people is mortifying!!!!! (a year ago)

This is, without a doubt, the finest hospital I have ever witnessed! After a week of care in another hospital, my 90 year old mother needed a "transitional care facility," before coming home. We chose to send her to Lake District Hospital's "Swing Bed" program, based on recommendations from several members of the medical community that I work with. Though this meant a four hour round-trip drive to visit her during her 12 day stay, it was definitely the right decision! The Doctors, Nurses, CNAs, MAs, Therapists and ALL the staff were absolutely fantastic! After observing her care for a few days, I had absolutely no resolutions about returning home and leaving my mother in their excellent care. She was so well taken care of and so spoiled that I think the only reason she was willing to come home was to return to her beloved pet cat! I can't say enough about the fantastic people who work at and with Lake District Hospital! If I or anyone I care about ever needs inpatient treatment, you can bet we're making the trip to Lakeview! (3 years ago)

They really care for you here. (10 months ago)

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