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Check out the Local Hospital Lake Area Med Center, Lake Charles, LA

Lake Area Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Calcasieu County, LA.

Lake Area Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Lake Area Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This hospital use to be a great place for quality of care and it no longer services patients of Lake Charles with respectability, dignity, and has lost the trust of Lake Charles. I do not know what has happened since the merge of Christus St Patrick’s hospital, but it stinks from high heaven from the attitude that is coming from the staff. The high rise in the neglect of patient care of this hospitals reputation is being perceived as allegedly fraudulent and will end up a big liability the way it is damaging Lake Charles patients trust and credibility. Nobody should be charged for care that was not properly given. Nobody should be charge for a doctor they did not see. Nobody should be charged for a nurse practitioner they did not see. We know that ambulance patients come first and you’re always heavily understaffed and booked yet the other patients are left neglected waiting for hours which causes more unnecessary pain and suffering. Isn’t there a better way to inform patients that you’re heavily booked, and the wait may be really long? So that we can cancel in dignity and go somewhere else? You now have the triage nurses who come up doing the nurse practitioners job and the doctor’s job in consulting patients in the waiting lobby publicly disclosing private confidential patient diagnoses which should be done privately and not disclosed entirely in front of OTHER waiting patients. I will never return to this hospital nor can recommend this hospital to anyone until there is a change in management, attitude, and the care given that is proven guaranteed trust worthy. (2 months ago)

Very knowledgeable providers, kind staff, and very professional health facility. (a month ago)

(I went to Lake Area on the 30th of January nitgh time to be exact)The nurse man CARL was so rude he gone tell me when I went to the triage that I didn't have to come in for Hazel having a fever (WHICH WAS 102.3) cause she has already been there 7 (different) times that's why she should have a doctor so I let that go so when they call me to the back my son Jay was like momma I gotta pee so as I'm walking out my room to show my son jay where the restroom is the man Carl gone say to me what are you doing where you going I say I'm showing my son the restroom so I let that go so the doctor came in and she started to check Hazel so the doctor wanted to check Hazel ears so I was about to lay hazel down but she didn't want me to lay her down because the man Carl had just checked her butt for fever so the doctor was like no you can just sit on the bed and hold her (Hazel) and before she left out she said they was gone put a catheter to check for strip throat so once the man Carl came in the room he told me get up off the the bed so I did so as I'm laying my baby down getting ready to take her pamper off the man Carl was like what you doing rudely I didn't think he was even talking to cause there was a nurse with him this time so ii continue to take hazel pamper off when the chick was like what are doing so I said I'm taking her pamper off for the catheter the man Carl was like no being rough with my baby pulling her arm getting ready to put her IV in and stopped him I was like no you have to stop I don't want you touching my daughter your to rough I'm not feeling your vibes so he throws the IV string and walks out I stormed as well... is this is how people are being treated when we go to the hospital for help cause that's what they there for that's why its the EMERGENCY ROOM...I'm so disgusted with Lake area cause I had all my kids at lake Area and would pick this hospital over any other now I have to go else where cause I know that nothing will get solved..once I got home and call Lake Area and I talked to the head nurse she wasn't even apologetic about the situation.. like my husband said they gone stick together and make you look like the bad guy and thats not right cause I keep asking myself what did I do wrong ?? (5 months ago)

Been here 4 hours and still haven't seen a doctor. Looks and acts like miss regional for the uninsured. Will not be back. We are definitely not poor uninsured people. Should be treated better. (8 months ago)

I had my baby here, and it was ultimately an okay experience. However, that was 7 months ago. In that time they must have seriously went south. We went today because my daughter couldn't keep her food down and was projectile vomiting it all up. The nurse practitioner was absolutely horrible, made us feel stupid for seeking medical attention for our daughter, and discharged her telling us to just take her to her regular doctor, after we spent an hour and a half waiting there. (8 months ago)

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