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PARKER, AZ 85344

Inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room treatment. Includes physician profiles and job openings.

La Paz Regional Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in La Paz County, AZ.

La Paz Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

La Paz Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If I could give this place a zero star I would. My aunt drove herself here with chest pain and sitting in the waiting room for nearly 2 god damned hours. No one has check on my aunt. Her pains had only gotten to the point of unbearable. The lady at the desk was so obnoxious and so rude. when I asked to have my aunt transfered somewhere else. She said, "You have a phone. You call 911." I'm still fuming over it. (2 months ago)

Avoid This Hospital of you can. I used to recommend this Hospital but after experiencing the bill run from it or find another to go to. I arrived April 9th 2017 for an infection, became septic. The hospital said they were contracted , and my wife asked about the Doctor. We were told he was contracted with our insurance. Doctor Joe Karroll. The doctor could not even treat me no assistance said I had to be sent out. Transferred to a real hospital Abrazo West to be treated for the infection. While at Abrazo West I received a bill from the Doctor Joe Karroll. I found out he is out of network. I called my insurance Rep. They called Parker Emergency Services who agreed to accept my Insurance as payment. Then I get another bill for total amount due less insurance payment. Such a scam. Doctor's are so greedy. He could not even treat me. Shame on this hospital for not caring and allowing for this billing practice. The Hospital doesn't care they just want a Doctor to show up. I'm Retired so this hurt financially. Doctor Joe Karroll doesn't care either, he sanctions the billing. GREED! He didn't even treat me! (a month ago)

Worst hospital experience of my life. Treated like a redheaded stepchild which is to say not treated at ALL because they assumed I was scamming them for drugs, as far as I can tell. Told me I have degenerative disc disease at 36 yrs old with some moderator to severe narrowing, but wouldn't consider the possibility of whiplash from the auto accident I was in a month ago, sent me home with no referral and not even a tylenol after 5 hours and being billed $6300, one number, not itemized, for an urgent care visit AND an ER visit. And now now they keep sending it to me, not the imsurance. I literally excused myself at one point to limp to my vehicle and take my own aspirin. Its like they made it a point to downplay and ignore every symptom I came in with. Everyone calls you "my friend" like they do in a third world market, while they lie cheat and steal from you and your insurance, then make you look like trash and call you a liar for needing a doctor and send you home with literally NO treatment of symptoms, but they did drug test me. Wouldn't tell me the results tho, or why they did it. And now a friend of mine just had the same experience of no treatment after being given a drug test right up front. Neither one of us has a drug habit. Hospitals are where half the drugs come from, and half the people working there take something themselves daily. These drug peddlers are looking down their noses at people for not being rich or white enough or whatever. Avoid like the plague. Drug test the orderlies and attendants and nurses, lot of skinny fast talkers in there. I hear the Havasu hospital is way better, or at least less horrible. (2 months ago)

We brought in our daughter who was throwing up for hours. They were polite and thorough. The nurses took GREAT care of us for the 6 hours we were there. The doctor was courteous and knowledgeable and good with our daughter. This is a small hospital serving a lot of needs. IT is NOT "first come first serve". They take care of urgent problems first. So you may have to wait an unusually long time for a small problem. But that's how it should be. They also seem to have set up an "urgent care" option for less critical emergencies. I am guessing this will help alleviate the wait times. In all, we always want things done quickly. But when it comes to medical care for my child, I want them done thoroughly, and I have confidence in the care we received on 7/21/2017. (10 months ago)

If I could rate this less than one star, I would. I was checked in at the front counter by the most obnoxious, rude, overweight, uncommitted, and unprofessional Hispanic woman who obviously dislikes the human race or perhaps disliked caucasian baby boomers as they were the bulk of patients thus far. I have witnessed pitbulls with better personalities than this charming woman. Ms. Personality handed me a form to fill out. Her directions to me, were, - "fill this out" I did as told, and set down in the very full waiting room. As I sat waiting, a very cordial man setting next to me, quietly told me I was in for a very long wait. I asked how long he had been waiting, and he replied he had been there for three hours. He then looked at me and said, "Oh, you haven't even been given an arm band." He showed me a patient ID arm bracelet he was wearing. I thanked him for the information, and walked back to the front counter to ask Ms. Personality if she could perhaps give me an estimation as to the waiting time. Before I could finish my sentence, she interrupted me, and said, "I don't know-go ask a nurse." I looked at her and told her I would be leaving, and asked if I could have the form I filled out returned to me. ( my SS number was on it) as there was no need for them to have my info. Ms. Personality told me in her charmingly frosty voice, "You can't have it, it is with the nurses." Since my impulse was to reach out and place her in a choke hold, I very politely told her she needed to take a class on how to treat people, that she was the most rude person I had encountered in a long time. Ms. Personality's response was, "Ok." It was her snotty way of conveying her message of, "kiss my ass." I had to laugh, and replied, "No, your really not ok." I exited the hospital and my medical needs were taken care of in Bullhead City by competent people who seemed to like me. My wait time was less than one hour, and although I have never had a need for emergency care, I found La Paz to be a big fat Fail. Take my advice, go else where, as the waiting time in this pathetic hospital is more than driving time to Lake Havasu, or Bullhead City. (3 months ago)

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