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22999 US HWY 59, KINGWOOD, TX 77325
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22999 US HWY 59

World-class medical care in your own backyard -- Kingwood Medical Center is an HCA Hospital serving Humble, Cleveland and Kingwood, Texas and surrounding areas.

Kingwood Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harris County, TX.

Kingwood Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kingwood Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Oh my goodness! While on vacation in Houston, I developed pneumonia and was taken by ambulance to this hospital. Thee worst! Doctors don't explain your diagnosis, nurses tell you anything to keep you quiet. The food is horrible. LIKE VAMPIRES, THE NURSES GET PAID BY HOW MANY BLOOD DRAWS THEY TAKE! How does a person need 15 tubes of blood taken per day? Cleaning staff barely clean the rooms. The hospital beds are the cheapest fold up beds on the market. Back to the nurses, a very few were professional, some behaved like they were on drugs, but the majority of them, I don't see how they made it through nursing school. This hospital should be SHUT DOWN and it would be - if it were in the north or on the east coast of the USA! (a week ago)

Very much pleased with how fast they brought me back and made sure they got me to feeling better! They’ve called me 2x since my visit to make sure I’m doing better and have been very helpful with scheduling my appointment with the specialist. Can’t say I’ll be going back because nobody wants to be in the ER but if worst comes to worst than this will definitely be where I’d be going. (2 weeks ago)

We were here 4 different times and each time we were treated with kindness, dignity and respect. Best hospital I have ever been to in my life. Never waited too long either, keep up the great work. (a week ago)

Having been a patient at KW Medical Center and at Memorial Hermann NE off 1960, I much prefer KW Medical Center. The hospital is much cleaner, and the staff are friendlier. At NE, I came in via ambulance and was dumped in the waiting room during a severe allergic reaction; at KW, they put me in a room. The care I received at KW was fine, both in the ER and on the floor. I've been a patient, or the parent of a patient, at many different facilities across the country, and Kingwood is definitely one of the better community hospitals I've dealt with. I can't give 5 stars, because there is still room for improvement, but I am confident sending a loved one there. (3 months ago)

My son was born there almost 2 years ago, and I had the best experience. I hear so many horror stories from other hospitals, but here I had a team from beginning to end. When they changed shifts they came by to say they were leaving and who would replace them etc. This made the world of difference. I had an emergency and through it all I remember hearing them use my name. Which sounds so small, but made a huge difference. They listened to every crazy first time mom concern and paranoia. I intended to send a thank you, but on the day of check out We forgot the packet with everyone's name. Also, they called when I eas home for over a month just checking up on me and baby. He's almost two, and I will never forget hearing them use my name while he was being born, not "the patient" or "she" my name. (in the last week)

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