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At Kings County Hospital Center, we take pride in providing our patients with the highest quality healthcare. Equipped with the latest technology, modern facilities ...

Kings County Hospital Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kings County, NY.

Kings County Hospital Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kings County Hospital Center is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I would’ve given them zero. Seriously.! Listen, I had D&C last night and they don’t me that i can go home and they will get the discharge paper ready in a minute but it’s been whole day I still didn’t get the discharge paper. My 13months baby crying for me and they held me here for nothing. And trust me their attitude is not a human kind. I’m not a person who get easily mad or get disrespectful but their attitude is worst. And guess what I am saying all this here for nothing. I know many people have experienced this in this hospital and I’m sure no one listened to them. (3 weeks ago)

This place sucks they took my wife in for some mental help and now they don't wanna release her n she even said that she might have been sexually assaulted but I don't wanna bring it up until she gets out of there. This way they cannot say oh she's insane and we gotta keep her longer. All I'm asking is what happened to humanity why is it that everybody does what is best for business and not what's best for an individual. There are families on the line here and they don't seem to care about that at all (a week ago)

The staff at this hospital are EXTREMELY RUDE!!! No phone manners at all! No introduction on the phone, and God forbid you ask a question of any sort, the response is that the nurse is annoyed with having to answer her phone and answer any questions. I work at a hospital and although none are perfect, at least we have better phone manners and are much more courteous!! Hopefully those staff members never encounter the rudeness that I’ve encountered every time I’ve called to check on my family member, God forbid they have a family member in the hospital! This hospital needs to provide a CBL to their staff members on telephone etiquette STAT!!!! (a month ago)

The staff (admin & medical) are extremely slow and rude. No one goes above and beyond to assist an individual. After you spend your time in the waiting area. You will have to come back another time, take time off from your job and wait when they feel they are good and ready to see you. Then when you’re called you have to go station to station before you see a doctor. This is nonsense, the average American do not go to the doctor until they are really sick. No one wants to deal with going to station to station when they’re not feeling well or listen to some judgemental medical staff asking you why it took you so long to come to the doctor office. My response, I work... I thought Kings County had improved, no they found another way to continue to receive horrible rating from the community they are suppose to support. Excellent work Kings County. (4 months ago)

I had a very wonder team of doctors nd nurses attend to me at this hospital. I especially want to say thank you to nurses and doctors at the delivery ward for making me feel so safe during my delivery and for going above their call to assist even in my transition onto the maternity ward. Special thanks to Ms. James at the NST department for being so kind to me always. To Ms. Anna for guiding through all the administrative stuff. To Nurse Harris and the team of nursesat the maternity ward thank you for your patience and words of kindness. To Dr. Gentile and Dr. Dennis at womens care thanks for being a wonderful listening ear and the post partum check ups, Dr. Jamunda Reddi and Dr. Jaime Belo at pediatrics thank you for all the wonderful care you continue to provide for my baby. These people have touched my baby's life forever and they are the reason for the 5 star rsting of Kings County! Keep it up. (2 weeks ago)

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