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Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is the largest healthcare provider in northwest Arizona and the only remaining non-profit hospital in Mohave County

Kingman Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mohave County, AZ.

Kingman Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kingman Regional Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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THE WORST HOSPITAL ON PLANET EARTH Incompetent, unprofessional, dysfunctional, deceitful, manipulative, conniving, underhanded, sleazy, disrespectful, shady, despicable, dishonest, dreadful, wicked; those are some of the first words that come to my mind when I think of Kingman Regional Medical Center. If you like being victimized, you are at the right place. Every interaction I've had with this hospital (three times) I was victimized every time, one way or another - total disaster. I went to their urgent care, twice, and both times the doctors tried to tell me that my damaged skin was normal. No, it's not normal, it's abnormal. And, if there was nothing wrong with me, I would not be at their hospital. A three year old child knows that it's not normal. A $1,000.00 hospital bill for two examinations that were absolutely worthless. The incompetence of this hospital is absolutely shocking and my two urgent care visits were a total waste of time and money and nothing but an obstacle for me receiving real medical treatment. I had a skin infection that required a steroid cream. And, these people didn’t have a clue - totally incompetent. Meanwhile, they want to talk to you like you are a loser, while they don’t have a clue of what they are doing. These people are absolutely pathetic. On my third interaction, they were to perform a simple lab test that - according to my doctor should not cost more than $50.00. Yet, they charged me $788.00. I was overcharged 1500%. They gave me a cash discount and I paid $511.85 - I ended up only being overcharged a 1000%. When I called their office to discuss this overcharge, I was met with apathy and obfuscation. No one to answer my call, our supervisor is in a meeting, the director is not available, the director is on vacation, no one is available, I will call you back. These simple hospital services they could not provide in a professional manner. I would hate to have a real medical emergency and have to go to this hospital. Kingman Regional Medical Center has proven time after time that they absolutely have no standards and cannot be trusted. I wouldn't let these people work on my cat. DO NOT GO HERE ! ! ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ! ! ! (2 weeks ago)

My wife was injured in an ATV accident in the desert. I brought her in by car. I am a doctor in a big East coast medical center. The ER staff was professional, pleasant and competent. The wait was not long compared to my hospital. The orthopedic surgeon was very prompt, very helpful and I would have been comfortable with him doing the surgery except that he cleared her for travel back home. Overall excellent experience. I understand why they can't afford to do MRI at night but wish it was an option. (2 months ago)

This place is a joke. I come in with serious head trauma from a car crash, I have so much pain that I can't focus and what happens? I get called in and placed in a room "on the faster side of the hospital" which is not true at at all, (if I was in the actual emergency room part I would have already been seen) but instead am left to be forgotten. I hear doctors and nurses in and out of other patients room but no one has came to mine to help me. I could be dying right now from a brain aneurysm or serious swelling much deeper than a hematoma but they care more about the guy with a rash. I would rather die, than ever come back here again. You WILL be hearing from my lawyer. (2 months ago)

I took my boyfriend in last night for a sever nose bleed. They took his stats right away and put a clamp on his nose and sent him back to the waiting room. The bleed continued to get worse and worse. He was still having a steady stream of blood coming out of his nose even though it was clamped and was spitting blood into an emi bag that was going down his throat. We were left in the waiting room for over an hour. I went to the counter three times telling them it was getting worse. Just kept getting told there was no room for him in the ER. The last time a told them I wanted someone from INSIDE the er to come out and look at him. You could tell from her demeanor from the start that she was just going to give the standard response, which she did, and had no intention of assessing his current condition, which she did not. There is blood all over him, blood all over the floor, nose draining blood (WHILE CLAMPED), every 3 seconds he is spitting blood into a bag and all they can say is we have no place for him but that he is next. He is holding a bag with 20 ounces of blood in it.......OVER A PINT OF BLOOD HE HAS LOST SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM.........but they do not see any urgency. When we finally get into the er they take us the long route to his cubicle and everyone in there can see there is a problem. The nurse immediately has a cart ready to help stop the flow and the dr is in with him almost immediately. Nurse tells us that they are so sorry....if the had KNOWN he was still loosing that amount of blood they would have gotten him in. Explained to her that we told the front desk repeatedly that it was getting worse. She responds that sometimes they don't get the info from up front. I then told her that one of the er staff came out and we told her the same but she did nothing (that staff member happened to be in front of where we were at the time and I pointed her out). Nothing they could say about that other than sorry. The er staff was great, efficient and timely. The dr told us that this was THE worst nose bleed he has seen in a very long time, one that if not treated could cause a patient to bleed out and possibly die. They kept apologizing for leaving him out there so long so someone knows there was a f!@k up in their neglect of him. I would think that those factors should qualify someone for immediate treatment, regardless of your "room shortage". What happened to do no harm? There was blatant, tangible evidence (an emi bag with a pint of blood in it) to show how severe this was. Tell me, someone please tell me, how a medical facility can allow someone to begin to bleed out in your waiting room? What pisses me off most is there are no other options. He could have bled out by the time i got him anywhere else. KRMC is a learning hospital.........yeah......they have A LOT to learn about being a hospital. (a month ago)

Well you sit in the ER for hours waiting to be seen. Than you go to the back for a nurse to talk to you for 5 minutes, then you wait 2 more hours to tell you what you already know and you leave not feeling any better. I feel like this is where you go to die. (3 months ago)

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