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Kimble Hospital in Junction Texas has been providing quality healthcare for over 55 years.

Kimble Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Kimble County, TX.

Kimble Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Kimble Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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There will be a formal complaint filed. My father was declining. We had to check him out. He was not bathed, the room was not cleaned. He fell 2 times. Had NO compassion. Then refused us outpatient physical therapy. There's plenty more. This is for the tourist that come through here. Check your medical bills also, they have been know to charge your insurance company for services not rendered. (9 months ago)

Went in for an emergency, friend smashed most of his finger off. They took him in and started asking a whole bunch of medical questions. I understand they need to know these things but when your at a level 9 pain and someone is just standing there doing nothing and just calmly going through a list of questions. Ummm hello my friends finger is nearly cut off and he's bleeding and your gonna just stand there and ask a bunch of questions. Really pissed me off. It's called an emergency not a medical interview. (7 months ago)

On Sunday, June 11, 2017, I experienced a very bad fall, hitting my cheek, chin, shoulder, arm, thigh, knees, and shins on rocks and a sidewalk. At the nearest hospital, Kimble, staff members met me (and my family) at the door, meticulously caring for me. They performed 3 1/2 hours of tests (including X-rays, CBC, ECG, and numerous CT scans), then stitched my chin. Jennifer, Brenda, Judy, Shannon, and Stormy provided excellent medical care and compassion. They and their country hospital are great! (11 months ago)

I fell on Sunday the 26th. Hit my head and cut the top of my hand real bad. My son-in-law took me to your emergency room around noon. I had the absolute best care from everyone but particularly the nurse on duty. Her name is Penny. The doctor who stitched my hand and the xray technician whose names I have forgotten were also awesome. I feel very fortunate to have been lucky enough to be so near this emergency room. I was visiting in London. I am from Maryland. Home of Johns Hopkins and I can tell you I got Johns Hopkins care in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Thank you all so very much! (a year ago)

Went to the ER and was taken care of very well. Everyone was very helpful. (2 years ago)

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