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Our flagship hospital, Kettering Medical Center, stands proudly in Kettering, Ohio. From top quality in the nation, to compassionate cancer care, to state-of-the-art ...

Kettering Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, OH.

Kettering Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kettering Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The crew and service is not professional,especially nursing crew. They just want do something and go and very slow. If your nurse be young generation then you are in trouble and after couple hours Chang and the new one don’t follow right records.i think the problem is they don’t want use smart and knowledgeable people, they just hire and it’s because obviously they are seeking for low rate payments. Overall is not good place, if you care about your health go to Cincinnati, I don’t know any good health department or hospital in Dayton area . (a week ago)

My directions weren't very clear to find this medical supplier in the Hospital. I ask an employee and she said "I'll walk you there " she took me straight to the door then went on about her buisness . Its hard to find someone that will give you good directions or even take you out of their way to get you where you need to go. But once I got there I only had a short wait before I got what I came for and they gave me a parking pass so I didn't have to pay the three dollar parking fee. So no complaints here. Staff for other area's of the hospital would say hello when walking by (not all) but several. That is a change from most places I've been because most places keep their head down or act like your not there and walk on by most of the people not only acknowledged me they said hello or good morning. (a month ago)

My mom was on the surgery floor and it took 30-45 minutes and several nurse lights to get her anything. We were constantly waiting for bathroom help, pain relief, help when her moniters would go off, and even just to help get the empty iv and blood bags to stop making the alarm noise or to change them out. Kettering is a beautiful hospital, but they really need faster response times to patients. We understand they have a lot of people to see, but even sending in someone else to help her would have been better than just waiting and watching her suffer more. It was heartbreaking! (3 months ago)

I was treated like a drug seeker. I am not a drug addict. You medical "professionals" really need to get your act together. You spend so much time and money trying to fight the opiate epidemic that your real patients fall by the wayside. You guys are supposed to be doctors, not judges. It's not your job to determine who is a drug seeker and who isn't. Your job is to appropriately treat the patient and ease their symptoms. When are you going to stop letting the government dictate how you treat your patients? Hopefully one day you will all grow a pair of balls and stand up to the DEA and their corrupt policies. I don't really consider our emergency rooms in this country to be real hospitals anymore. You've made me lose all faith in our medical community. (4 months ago)

I was admitted to Kettering Hospital for almost a week on 2 w. This hospital did an excellent job of putting together staff that not only work well together but provide excellent care to their patients. I did 3 daisy awards during my stay. But frankly they all deserve the highest acknowledgment. Thank you all for your care.BUT good luck with some of your Doctors boarding on "GOD Complexes". 1) never tell a patient " theres no way your in that much pain." Only GOD almighty can gauge someones pain and remember the training you recieved when educated that every patient feels pain and discomfort differently!!!! 2) Just because you read a book on the subject, unless you have physically experienced what you are treating for you should not try to pass off that you understand what the pt is feeling. 3) Not ALL patients are drug seeking. It is such a shame that drugs made to treat actual pain is now unavailble to the ones in "REAL" need of pain relief. I had to throw a fit to get relief and i am NOT a drug addict, you saw on labs at admit i was drug free. I am still inhouse and should be able to get something to offset the misery i have been in and put thru this week. Thank you to administrations for taking the time to come talk to me on a Sunday. Not only did she actively listen to my complaints she personally fixed me a prune drink to help things get moving.Some of these problems can be extremely painful and she was a GODSEND not like the treating DR with a complex. I doubt I will be sent home with anything for relief although i am still having problems that i have been treated for inhouse. There should be an amount limit to ensure pt comfort post discharge. With all that said if in the future i need medical attention i would drive pass all other hospitals to return here. Congrats on your staffing. Thank you for the care i received from your staff. Kathy Young (3 weeks ago)

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