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CAMDEN, SC 29020

Kershawhealth is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kershaw County, SC.

Kershawhealth does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kershawhealth is a proprietary hospital.

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omg stay away from this butcher shop of horrors!! i bought my son their and they used stuff that should have not been used on him and my son is in pain far worst then before (2 weeks ago)

Waiting for three hours to be seen at fast track with sick people . And then they send you a bill that makes you wonder what did they see you for. Horrible service in the emergency room. Administration needs to do something about this service. Takes too long (a month ago)

My wife and I have had cause to use this hospital dozens of times over the last 13 years. They have always been nothing but professional. I suspect that that the negative reviews on here are predominantly from drug users that have been turned down for narcotics. This is a wonderful local hospital, and I would love to have conversations with those that say otherwise. Bring documentation.... (7 months ago)

Kershaw Health is a poor excuse for care ! My elderly mother was treated worse than a dog. She was left on the toilet for 45 mins for a nurse to go get a diaper for her and the nurse NEVER came back, my mom had to work her way back to her bed alone. She is a fall risk and was NOT supposed to have to do that. The room was NASTY, blood fromt daily medications until she had an episode with severe chest pains, 3 nitroglycerin pills and her blood pressure was way too high. She normally takes 3 blood pressure pills daily at home and has for over 20 yrs. She could have had a stroke or went into cardiac arrest and Kershaw Health would have been responsible. She would call for a nurse to help her to the bathroom and wait 35 to 45 mins and one not show up and a family member happen to show up for a visit and them have to take her. Her bed alarm was not put on but one time during her 4 day stay and that was After I spoke with Administration about ALL the issues. They promised her stay would be better from that minute on and she was there another day and a half day and it never improved. All it was was broken promises. Kershaw Health treated her poorly. It was a case of elderly abuse instead of care. I hope none of my family has to ever be seen in this so called facility ever again. No wonder there is so much disease, mrsa, infections and sickness when a room doesn't get cleaned. (4 months ago)

Worst hospital ever!!!!! I have had 3 babies already and came to this hospital for my 4th because my doctor retired and I needed a new doctor. Well she happened to be with this hospital. Worse mistake I ever made!! They kept me in pain all during delivery I told them she needed to open my cervix bevause my old doctor told me If I ever had anymore kids I had scar tissue on my cervix and the doctor would need to open the cervix so I could dilate. This doctor refused and said she wasnt going to do it. They made me drink a whole cup of water when to see if I was really in labor when I and they already knew I was and when every other time I had a baby they gave me ice chips and said not to drink water suck on the ice chips. They didn't want to hear my protests against it and made me drink the water as soon as I drank it my baby went into distress!! They did nothing at all for me to have natural child birth like Lexington Hospital did. They were insistent on me having a C-section when I never had to have one with my other 3 babies!! They ended up forcing me to sign papers so they could give me a c-section and they plotted behind my back the whole time. They had recorders in my room the whole time listening to everything me and my family was saying. Treating me so rude!! The rudest nurses and doctors I have ever seen in my life!! They are all about what they can do to get the most money out of you!! After I had my baby they took my baby gave her formula behind my back when I told them I was breastfeeding. They put me in a hall what they said was a recovery room after surgery and it was basically a office where the lights were off. Asking me all kinds of questions that I didnt need to be answering at the time because I just had surgery. Then when they finally put me in a room it was so small it was like a janitors closet no one could even get to the sink or move around and we had to stay in there for 3 days. The doctor never ever washed her hands. It was just a nasty dirty hospital. Blood was on the floor and it wasnt mine. I had to fight to get my baby in the room with me it was like they wanted to keep my baby and everytime I turned around they wanted to take her to the nursery when with everybody I have ever had Lexington hospital always let me keep my baby in my room. It should be my choice not theirs. The doctors even look nasty and dirty. I will never ever go back here again!! I wouldnt even take my dog to this hospital!! Having a baby supposed to be a joyous time and a time to happy and bond with your baby not be stressed out with the doctors and nurses!! I felt like I was cheated out of what was supposed to be a glorious miracle time they made it awful and miserable for me and my whole family. They didnt even want to let my other kids in the room or in the hospital.. It was just awful!!! I wouldn't even give it 1 star but I have to to leave a review. (4 months ago)

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