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23019 HIGHWAY 149, SIGOURNEY, IA 52591
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23019 HIGHWAY 149

Keokuk County Health Center is a progressive, non-profit hospital dedicated to providing essential, compassionate, and high-quality medical services to the people in ...

Keokuk County Health Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Keokuk County, IA.

Keokuk County Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Keokuk County Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 700 AM – 500 PM
Tuesday 700 AM – 500 PM
Wednesday 700 AM – 500 PM
Thursday 700 AM – 500 PM
Friday 700 AM – 500 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Location and Directions


If you have a true emergency, drive a greater distance to another hospital. Don't waste your time. They are incredibly unprepared to handle to most basic emergency situation. I had to be transported via ambulance to another hospital and the EMT told me it was a pretty common occurrence. The ER doc was fantastic! *He was, clearly, not from Sigourney. The nurse that "attempted" to put my IV in was incredibly inexperienced. She was really nice but she gave me the impression that she was fresh out of nursing school and that is definitely not what I want to experience when I am in an emergency situation. I still have a horrible, gigantic bruise, three weeks after the fact, where she blew out my vein. And I have really "easy" veins :-/ I'd hate to think what she would do to an older adult or child. I may be a bit biased since I am new to the area and haven't had a good experience with, frankly, anyone in Sigourney. Everyone seems to be pretty closed minded and either born there and never left or they are all related. It's a bit like living in the twilight zone. Yikes! I will admit, the older adults are really friendly and interesting. The younger ones, not so much. I apologize, this was a bit of a rant about how much I despise Sigourney :-/ I would definitely NOT return to the hospital. I would take my chances dying and drive to Iowa City in the event of an emergency. (3 months ago)

Great Doctors and staff in every part of the hospital. (2 weeks ago)

1 star was given simply because there wasn't an option to give lower. Never see Shelly Edwards who is a nurse practitioner in the clinic. We saw her for the first time in May for a well child check up. I wasn't too pleased with her then but thought I'd give her a second chance. Today we had a well child visit for my oldest son. He has behavior issues and was having a bad day in the office. She walked into the room with an immediate attitude and kept talking to me as if I was wasting her time. She never once tried to offer a solution. She only kept weaving around to different reasons and options to try to get us out of the office asap. Tried telling us we didn't have his full records so we had to reschedule. But later admitted she had his records. Then we were told to reschedule because he wouldn't let her get his vitals. Then said his behavior specialist should be the one to address our issues including the well child. FYI his behavior specialist handles just that and not a simple well child check up!!! ****The "best" part was that she ended the visit by saying mid convo simply stating "oh well never mind" and walked out!! Never see this woman, she will waste your time. (9 months ago)

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