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Compare Kennedy University Hospital - Stratford Div in Stratford, New Jersey to all hospitals based on ratings, evaluations, and more.

Kennedy University Hospital - Stratford Div is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Camden County, NJ.

Kennedy University Hospital - Stratford Div does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kennedy University Hospital - Stratford Div is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Last week I was sent to the ED by ambulance and then admitted as a patient. I have not been a patient in a hospital for years and was not happy that I had to be admitted. I was surprisingly impressed with the changes I observed during my hospitalization. Hospital personnel greeted me on my arrival. My assessment, care, and necessary tests were swift . All personnel, without exception, were professional, polite, knowledgeable in their field of expertise, and accommodating. Everyone introduced themselves, had their ID badges with their certifications in plan site in large print so that anyone could see. My care was organized. I was presented with a printed copy of my care plan for the day. My care plan included any tests, consults and medications that were scheduled which included the names of the hospital personnel that I would come into contact during the scheduled activities of the day. I will never enjoy being a patient in a hospital however, the professionalism that was exhibited at Jefferson Stratford made my stay bearable. I am grateful for the care that I received during my recent hospitalization at Jefferson Stratford. (3 months ago)


I delivered my baby here last thursday. I just wanted to say that on the labor and delivery floor, some people really stuck out to me that did an amazing job. And some were not so nice (it happens...but it all worked out anyway). First, Nurse Judy was very kind and patient with me before delivery. Nurse Betty was amazing in taking care of me after delivery, I mean, going above and beyond! Dr. Park also was very helpful and kind. Dr. Sasso, a great thanks for performing the surgery and doing a great job. There were so many doctors and nurses that came in and out. I can't remember them all due to the pain medications that I was given. But if i left out anyone who deserved a thanks, let me just say thank you all for helping me have a healthy family! (a month ago)

I am more than happy with the level of care and compassion they offer to their patients. NURSES ARE: *NORA*, CONNIE, LOU .. NURSES AIDS: LINDA & CHUCK (All in ICU&STEPFOWN) This is the second time my mother has been hospitalized, 3 weeks last month and so far a week and counting this time. They were all extremely informative and made sure you fully understood what was going on. The nurses personally remembered her and myself. Congratulated her on something she overcame and is now doing well with. They are some of the most friendly nurses I have ever come into contact with. They make sure every need is met and if there is anything else they make sure it’s done and you and the family are satisfied. They take the time out to see how we are both feeling and actually come and joke around with us making sure we’re not just patients in a hospital but actually cared about. I could go on and on. (6 months ago)

I love this hospital and ER. I been every time I was here I was treated proffessioal and friemdly (in the last week)

The receptionist asked me my name five times and couldn’t get it correct. The nurse literally ripped out my Iv I guess because I said the medical field is a joke after all the nurses did the doctors job he came in asking about stuff that had nothing to do with me or why I was in the hospital while the student doctor sits listening picking at her nails and rolling her eyes. I wish I could bill the hospital for wasteing my time what a joke this place is maybe that’s why the have such a bad reputation virtual has never been this unprofessional I had no choice but to go to this hospital because of my symptoms Is it common practice to throw two blood vials in the regular trashcan because that’s what they do with my blood samples they were four vials two of them went into the regular garbage (2 months ago)

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