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Kennedy Krieger Institute is an internationally recognized institution dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and ...

Kennedy Krieger Institute is one of the childrens/facilities located in Baltimore City County, MD.

Kennedy Krieger Institute does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kennedy Krieger Institute is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Location and Directions


Arrived 30 mins early with my twin sons. Was not seen until 2 hours past my appointment time and we ended up seeing a student in training before the actual doctor. They kept us there for several hours because the doctor was not ready to see us yet. Had to re explain everything to the doctor when we were finally able to see her. Should have just walked out. This appointment in total took 6 hours. 30 mins was all that was spent per kid seeing the doctor the rest was wait time. Will never be going back here again. (a week ago)

My daughter goes to KKI for many things and has for some time. I recently was referred to the audiology department for a hearing test before my daughters surgery. The schedule was booked up so we scheduled a few months out. We have finally come to the week of her hearing test and surgery and the audiology department calls me the day before her appointment to cancel. They attempt to cancel with no new date on the books. I was told that it’s not their fault that they didn’t know what to do when insurance changed their policy! I was shocked by the lack of care and accommodation from doctors and people who work with special needs children. (2 weeks ago)

KKI's ABA services are a joke. I am speaking as someone who interviewed with two of their Autism/Special Needs programs. KKI told me in the interviews that they would not pay me for my education/qualifications/experience because it was "easier to pull someone off the street and train them for two weeks." (But of course both facilities wanted to hire me.) My years of education and specific board training certification would disagree with a two week course as being legitimized. KKI saves a buck at the exspence of your child. Behavioral Therapy cannot be tought in a two week crash course. During my interviews I toured both facilities and witnessed ABA therapy being administered. KKI is so behind the band wagon. They use an outdated and rarely used ABA therapy form that leads to reinforcement of problem behaviors and little to no generalization outside of an inpatient facility environment. I cannot tell you how many parent bring their children with special needs to my current employer because they untimately say that KKI failed them, and even go as far as to say KKI traumatized their child, but then again if my ABA program regurally restrained children then I'm sure they would be traumatized by us as well. (2 months ago)

It is a place for where you would want to send your kid to get the best care. As soon as you hit the door the staff is so friendly and knowledgable. I love the whole atmosphere. Also the aquarium in the lobby waiting area, will put you and your family at ease. Making this a great facility. and very clean. (a year ago)

Kennedy Krieger is a GREAT place 4 the disabled population 2 go 2 for any services needed. I attend PT, I don't always like 2 travel 2 get there but it sure by far is worth it. (a year ago)

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