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403 E 1ST ST, DIXON, IL 61021
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403 E 1ST ST
DIXON, IL 61021

Tune in to see the live feed of KSB Hospital's ... Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital today announced its purchase of the Midland States Bank building in downtown Dixon.

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lee County, IL.

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Came here for the birth of my niece. I traveled all the way from Chicago so it wasn’t a short drive. I get to the hospital and almost every door was closed. I had to enter from the emergency entrance. I finally get to the room and everything was fine until the nurses changed shift. Out night nurse was Ashley, she seemed kind at first but as the night progressed I became highly unsatisfied with the service. My sister had her baby at about 3 am; after everything was settled I was planning on sleeping. We already had a bed in the room but it was occupied so I asked for an extra bed; we had enough room to make it fit but Ashley didn’t seem to understand that I just needed a few hours of sleep before I could go back home. She insisted that there wasn’t any extra beds but there was one in the hallway. I ended up laying down on the floor and then Ashley came in the room again; she was questioning whether I was of age because she “couldn’t tell”. She reminded us that we had to be of age to stay the night; everyone that stayed was over 18. I felt so disrespected by being questioned and the service could’ve been better. We had no problems with any other nurses. (2 months ago)

I am unimpressed but have few other options. My biggest complaint is that I can never get ahold of a nurse or doctor by telephone. They never answer the phone no matter what time of day I call. And when they do call back, I'm at work. I don't know how many times I've said to them that I need called back after my work hours. I would go somewhere else if I could, but the convenience of distance is why i stay. (a month ago)

So impressed with ER Physician, Dr. Ortman! Comprehensive, expert workup and personal attention for what could have been potentially life-threatening situation. Great follow up from the hospital also. (2 months ago)

I have had to come to KSB Dixon hospital multiple times because it is the closest hospital for emergencies near me. Every time the doctors brush off my issues or dont seem to care. They also have given me wrong information as far as follow-up care goes and I now am not able to get follow up care. The doctors/nurse practitioners in the ER are garbage. I now understand why it is nicknamed "Kill SomeBody" hospital (for KSB). (3 weeks ago)

When it comes to your parents you only want them to have the best and that is what my mother received from the time of arrival in the ER and throughout her stay on the 4th floor with the RNs the CNAs and respiratory staff and especially, Dr Hanif. (a month ago)

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