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Same as the national average


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Kalispell Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Flathead County, MT.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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BEWARE!! YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE AT RISK BY GOING TO THIS CLINIC! Kalispell Regional medical center put my life at risk. I went in complaining of leg pain, suspecting it was a blood clot due to the new birth control pills my doctor had put me on. They did an ultrasound and told me it was in a minor vein in my calf (where I said the pain was),was no big deal, and sent me on my way telling me to take ibuprofen. I told them repeatedly I was getting on a plane to Seattle and they said it was fine. Just take the Ibuprofen the doctor said. My mother, a retired nurse, told me to put on compression stockings and that I probably should not fly. But, I did because their doctor and ultrasound tech said it was fine. When I got to Seattle I was intense pain still and went to the vascular specialist who said they missed so much of the blood clot, in 4 major veins and behind my knee, that it was like they looked at someone else's leg. The doctor was shocked that they could have missed so much and put my life in danger by not putting me on blood thinners immediately. I would NEVER go to this po-dunk unprofessional clinic again. BEWARE! (a week ago)

We are sitting quietly watching our son recover from surgery. The experience thus far has been wonderful and the environment clean and comfortable. (a month ago)

Absolute worst healthcare ever!!!!! A few of you're Drs are great! Like dr wheeler and dr stone dr cole n dr kneeland. The rest of the staff ESPECIALLY the billing and insurance and administrative staff are horrendous!!!!!!! And to your reply. Oh yeah. Why didn’t I think of that?! Please ... you don’t help anyone out. You just send them to collections while a patient waits for you to bill your insurance correctly!!!! That’s f’ed up!!!!! Learn how to do your jobs and quit screwing up people’s finances because you can’t do your jobs right!!! (in the last week)

Kalispell Regional Medical Center is the largest medical facility and network in the Flathead Valley and probably all of Northwest Montana. they are quickly monopolizing all of the healthcare across the valley and have bought out many small locally-owned General Practitioners as well as the hospital in Whitefish. We were disappointed to see that Whitefish was bought out by krmc because Whitefish tended to be a much more personable and friendly health facility and we were concerned that what changes might take place in this merger. Krmc has an atmosphere of being more professional and austere which isn't always what you look for in personal health care. but all these factors leave people who are in need of medical attention in an awkward position. The C-section rate at Kalispell Regional Medical Center is well above the national average and Way Beyond the percentage that the World Health Organization says is necessary. however it brings a much larger income for them. This along with many other factors give it the overall tone that they are more about making money than they are really about the overall care of the patients and their health and well-being. However this is precipitated by the medical Pharmaceutical industrial complex which pushes medicating and surgery and procedures which financially benefit them but aren't always in the best interest of the patient. What would the medical industry look like if doctors and medical businesses were rewarded and given incentives for curing people of illnesses? what if their profits were driven to encourage them to find cures in the quickest way possible instead of being held in Shackles by the pharmaceutical industry? what if they were paid less whenever a treatment they prescribe did not work? What if oncologists weren't given Kickbacks for every time they prescribe chemotherapy? Would we find a cure for cancer? Would we find a cure for AIDS? What cures are already available that aren't being administered because it's less profitable for the doctor or for the pharmaceutical industry? What if every conflict of interest was removed and doctors were given full license to practice what they were meant to do... to help people be well and in their best health? What would birth and natal care look like there wasn't such a financial incentive to perform as many C-sections or perform as many procedures in birth? What if midwives and natural practitioners were given the credence they deserve backed by Real Results? What if doctors had more incentive to do their job to the best of their ability rather than an incentive to make more money to pay off School debts or keep the Medical industrial complex afloat? What is Extreme Health? what would Optimal Health look like if the healthiest people in the world were studied? (2 months ago)

Twice I have been there too get injections into my back for the pain. Twice I was forgotten about, and had to make another appointment. Interesting, as I was waiting the MD. went home. Garbage service. (a month ago)

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