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Kalispell Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Flathead County, MT.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Kalispell Regional Medical Center is the largest medical facility and network in the Flathead Valley and probably all of Northwest Montana. they are quickly monopolizing all of the healthcare across the valley and have bought out many small locally-owned General Practitioners as well as the hospital in Whitefish. We were disappointed to see that Whitefish was bought out by krmc because Whitefish tended to be a much more personable and friendly health facility and we were concerned that what changes might take place in this merger. Krmc has an atmosphere of being more professional and austere which isn't always what you look for in personal health care. but all these factors leave people who are in need of medical attention in an awkward position. The C-section rate at Kalispell Regional Medical Center is well above the national average and Way Beyond the percentage that the World Health Organization says is necessary. however it brings a much larger income for them. This along with many other factors give it the overall tone that they are more about making money than they are really about the overall care of the patients and their health and well-being. However this is precipitated by the medical Pharmaceutical industrial complex which pushes medicating and surgery and procedures which financially benefit them but aren't always in the best interest of the patient. What would the medical industry look like if doctors and medical businesses were rewarded and given incentives for curing people of illnesses? what if their profits were driven to encourage them to find cures in the quickest way possible instead of being held in Shackles by the pharmaceutical industry? what if they were paid less whenever a treatment they prescribe did not work? What if oncologists weren't given Kickbacks for every time they prescribe chemotherapy? Would we find a cure for cancer? Would we find a cure for AIDS? What cures are already available that aren't being administered because it's less profitable for the doctor or for the pharmaceutical industry? What if every conflict of interest was removed and doctors were given full license to practice what they were meant to do... to help people be well and in their best health? What would birth and natal care look like there wasn't such a financial incentive to perform as many C-sections or perform as many procedures in birth? What if midwives and natural practitioners were given the credence they deserve backed by Real Results? What if doctors had more incentive to do their job to the best of their ability rather than an incentive to make more money to pay off School debts or keep the Medical industrial complex afloat? What is Extreme Health? what would Optimal Health look like if the healthiest people in the world were studied? (a month ago)

I had to go to the emergency room this morning. I was very disgusted to find in the bathroom in my room BLOOD on the bottom stem of toilet as well as BLOOD on the floor. I have not had good experiences at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. The time before this, I was stuck in a room for 6 hours with an IV that was empty and no nurse or Dr. were to be found. When my dad finally found a nurse he said he would be right in to take out the IV. We waited for 45 mins and he never came to take out the IV. By this time i was tired, angery, hungry and wanted to go home. I pulled the IV out and left. No one from your facility even contacted me. But you all made sure I received a bill for the very poor patient care I received. I will scheduling an appointment with the billing office to go over the bill and I will only be paying for the actual care that I received. I am very disgusted with your facility and will not be returning! (a month ago)

My daughter just got admitted tonight and so far she has been treated very well. Her night nurse is the only one i've talked to (kelly on the 2nd floor) and she is very intelligent, and compassionate. I am a nurse myself so i feel she is what a nurse who is caring should be. I'm thankful for her. (a month ago)

This is one of the worst hospitals we have been to in 49 years of my wife being ill. The staff "think" they know what there doing but we can tell you this YOU DON"T PUT AN I.V. IN AN ARTERY, YOU PUT IT IN THE VEIN! All they do is try to pawn you off on some one else...and they do the same. I would give 0 stars if I could. 6 hours of then doing nothing.....I can fly her to Portland to the med school faster then this hospital works. This E.D. is a joke. 4/2018. your so bad that we had to move to Oregon to get better health care...I hope others will too before someone dies in ur care....oh that's happened meany times....? Up Date: Wife went to Hospital (in Oregon). Much Better Hospital..Found 5 things that KRMC ED did not see and should have...I wonder what it will be like if I owned a Hospital.....Wife had all sorts of LONG lastting problems....Not found but in the open and we Told KRMC what was wrong but no....Thats not how we do it here...."have a i.v. in your artery, and dont mind the twisted and blocked intestine...." Go F ur self krmc. (a month ago)

UPDATE 3/29/18 - This update is about the below topic dated 2-27-18 I did get a call back and they said that it was going to be covered 100% Zero Charge!! This is a breath of fresh air. Not sure if this is because of the medical card the wife gave me to give to them when I arrived or if this is a act of customer service, regardless I have to pay nothing. I also had a conversation with them about my visit marked (MUST READ) to see if they would give me a refund. I'll update as I get info. I'm only bumping my star rating up one star. UPDATE 2/27/18 - My little girl got a small laceration just under his chin about 1 inch long and deep. I had no choice but to visit Kalispell Regional Medical Center ER because it was on a Saturday evening. After my last experience with them digging very deep into my wallet with no remedy I was very skeptical read below! The second I walk into the ER I started to ask how much it was going to cost to stich her cut. NO BODY HAS A CLUE!!! So they proceed to tell me that my question was not valid and that they will just have to charge me later. SO I then told them to tell me the second I was starting to build a bill. Well then they take us into a room and I'm still asking for a cost with no answer. The more I asked the more impatience they all became. So a doctor came in an looked at the cut and tells me that she will need stitches. DUH!! he walks out then a nurse come in and informs me that I'm going to be charged now that a Doctor has looked at the cut, but still can't tell me a figure. So I took my child and left and went back up front and told them not to charge me anything because I was informed after the fact that I had started to build a bill and a Doctor/nurse up front then tells me that the second I walked into the building and signed the paper work I was being charged. My wife then texts me as said that the Urgent Care in whitefish was still open and I went to see them and they stitched my daughter up for get this..... $4.00 dollars. I'm currently fighting this bogus charge and I'll update once I have more info. This place is a sh it Show Circus. I'd give them ZERO Stars if I could. (MUST READ) I went to the ER with lower back pain lvl10 and the nurse thought I had kidney stones and I disagreed and then the doctor came in and the nurse gave her opinion to the doctor and then he just assumed that I had kidney stones so they gave me a bunch of morphine and THEN they asked me if I wanted to do a CT scan. I'm not a doctor so I said yes. Had I only new that it was going to cost me $5000.00. After the scan they still had no idea what the problem was. The next day I seen my chiropractor for $40.00 and he fixed me. I had to do some stretching and within one day I no longer had back pain. If I take a girl out to the bar and get her drunk and f her puzzy that's called rape and that is how I felt after paying the bill for nothing!!! They only know what WEB MD tells them. I tried to fight the bill and lost and had to fork over the money. Funny how I spent $5000.00 and had zero to show for it. To think I was worried about missing work because I needed the money. I would have had to miss work for about 2 months to equal the finical damage that the ER stuck me with. They should give me back 99% of the money they charged me for wasting my time. I never had to go to the food bank in my life. But thanks to there greedy policy's I have had to go there a couple of times. (a month ago)

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