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Kaiser Foundation Hospital - West La is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - West La does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - West La is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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So far my daughter is receiving excellent care! This Hospital campus is fancy AF. I had to stay overnight with my daughter and the nursing assistant went out of her way to find me a chair bed to sleep in. It was very appreciated as she went out of her way to do this. The nurses on the second floor post-surgery Ward were all very attentive and kind to my daughter as she was in a lot of pain after her surgery. Shout out to the volunteer on the third floor surgical waiting room on Mondays! She was awesome ran around like she was paid! This Kaiser Hospital campus was huge. I especially liked the 24-hour pharmacy as I was able to pick up my daughter's meds the night before we left. If I lived in LA I would definitely choose this Kaiser Permanente Hospital location to get my Care at. Also a plus parking is free!!! (2 months ago)

I have visited this Kaiser since I was a kid. From regular check ups to visiting loved ones hospitalized. I have never had any bad experiences, until recently. Last week, my mother in law was hospitalized. As a supportive family, we were there every night after work to visit her. Since day one, as we showed up to visit her, we had to check in with the security. This particular security; older African American female security does NOT have any customer service, very heartless, and rude. I understand hospital have visitation rules. However, it is not what she said, but how she said it. We are here visiting an ill loved one at a hospital. Have some compassion! I was very upset at the treatment we were getting from her, that I mocked her hand gesture (she waved her hand and tap her nails on the counter)--very rude and unprofessional. I did it out of frustration and also for her to hopefully realize how disrespectful that is. Who likes to be talk to like that/receive such treatment?? We are in a hospital! As I walked towards the chairs in the lobby (lobby is right next to security counter) she still has the audacity to make yet another rude/disrespectful comment: "not my fault, she probably had a bad day." I just couldn't believe it, this type of treatment at Kaiser!!! I am myself a Kaiser member since I was a kid. But to be here and receive this type of treatment is unacceptable! I do want to make it clear, all other security staff who checked us in had very good professional customer service. This particular security is just plain rude. (4 months ago)

I honestly can say this is the worst kaiser I’ve been to. The staff in emergency is so rude! I came in with my husband vomiting blood at 10:30 pm and had to wait for hours just to get brought to the back. When I asked the front desk staff how long do they think it would take for him to be seen they informed me that they were busy and couldn’t answer my question. I have been here for a whole 8hr shift and counting. I still can’t get any answers or help. This emergency staff need to be retrained immediately!!!!!! I will never come to this kaiser again I rather go to Cedars-Sinai where I get better treatment! I will be changing my insurance over as of today due to this rude and unprofessional staff they have at West LA Kaiser!!! (4 months ago)

I was assigned a new PCP in September. I had 2-3 phone Appointments with her .In December an appointment was made for 2/27. Appointment was cancelled that morning and was told that nothing was available till April. That's a total of seven months not able to see my PCP. I found that outrageous and unacceptable. I called Member Services with no response yet.There is no continuety of care or concern for their members. I don't see how the state awarded Kaiser five stars. I give them a one. (2 months ago)

I know sometimes going to any ER is a nightmare just due to the fact that it’s generally over crowded, especially during the flu season. But I have been coming to this Kaiser facility since I was a kid & never had any real complaint. I’ve gone to the ER for X or Y reason & I’ve also gone into the other parts of the hospital for other medical reasons. My mom, sister & grandmother also go here, if we’re not at the Inglewood office. Yeah sometimes the wait can be a little long(at the ER) because there are other people ahead of me or there’s a patient or two with a more urgent matter than mine, but the staff/nurses/doctors here have pretty much been very respectful & caring when we’ve been here. I once had to go in on my birthday(at 12AM) into the ER because I got a really bad stomach virus & the nurses made my experience enjoyable (even though I was throwing up all my guts). So I do give this place a 5 star review, because I know us as patients, can be a pain in the ass sometimes & the people working here have to deal with us & so far they have treated me & my family well. (2 months ago)

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