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Welcome to Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. As your partner in health, we are committed to helping you meet your personal health goals.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Francisco is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Francisco County, CA.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Francisco does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Francisco is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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very long waits. Doctors are quick to give you drugs before addressing the actual problem. I have found free local clinics show much more care and don't ask for your credit card every visit, even when already paying hundreds in insurance (a month ago)

Kaiser is the worst. Not only did they make me suffer for 4 months with two herniated disc and a pinched nerve. Before they gave me a MRI. Now they made me wait 25 minutes before bringing me back. It was only left leg numb after sitting for so long the right is now hurting. And they acting hella nonchalant. Hella irritated. Praying I don’t go to jail. 🤬😡🙏🏾 (3 months ago)

Nice facility that's ruined by the power-tripping security that won't allow you to leave the parking garage when the ticket machines malfunction and threaten to arrest you if you walk into the lobby after 8. They don't put up signs telling you the lobby is closed after 8, they just go off on you. (2 months ago)

Finally realized I can leave a review here for the Labor and Delivery department, not sure where else. I delivered my first born here in May 2016. I wanted the most natural birth possible and ended up having a c-section after 24 hours of labor. I tried as much as I could to walk around, and do things to help dilate. I did not get much help from nurses to help the labor progress. The monitors around my stomach kept moving so the staff asked me to just stay in bed, which I agreed. Eventually they wanted to induce with pitocin. I agreed because I was in labor so long. The contractions were killing me so I eventually agreed to their multiple offerings of an epidural as well. Bad idea. Once I had the epidural I could no longer move my legs, and could no longer try to walk to let gravity do some work. Ultimately, the induction never worked, and dilation did not progress. They told me the best idea is c- section asap, or I risk my baby getting an infection. Great way to scare me! The c- section was traumatizing, and I cried and shaked all the way from being wheeled to the operating room til the baby came out. I WAS NOT SHOWN THE BABY WHEN HE CAME OUT AND THEY DID NOT PUT HIM ON ME. I did not see him until after they stitched me up and brought me back to the postpartum room where he was already in there with his dad waiting for me. I at least should have been able to SEE him. I didn't say anything or realize all this because I was so out of it from being exhausted and drugged up. I feel like the birth plan I previously submitted did not get followed at all. I clearly indicated that I wanted the baby put on me when he comes out. Someone should have at least shown him to me. I am very disappointed I did not see my son for his first 20-30 minutes of life. I think this is my biggest reason for the 1-star. Also, that the staff were not supportive/knowledgable in natural birth methods. Postpartum recovery for the next 5 days there could have been better. Two nurses were good and helpful with helping me breastfeed and get rest. Two others irritated me so badly. I requested one not help me anymore because she was stressing me out about my babys heart rate at 2am saying she needs to get the doctor. I said, "it's probably because he was just crying for like 10 minutes." She kept insisting with me. Turns out she was new and nervous. The other kept pressuring me to pump pump pump "You need to pump." I couldn't take it anymore and snapped at her. I was so exhausted, I the last thing I needed was the nurses breathing down my neck. I was so tired, they keep telling me to get rest, yet wake me up right when I fall asleep to take pain pills. I would have rather slept. I know this is a long winded anecdote, but I just had to get this out of my system. It's not the emotions I wanted my first baby to feel from me during delivery/ first few days. Good things: - food was good and brought in timely manner - some nurses were helpful and caring I am due next week with my second son and will be trying Redwood City Kaiser this time. (4 months ago)

I wanted to say thanks you to Kaiser and their amazing team. Nobody wants to go the doctor's office because it can be a scary thing. I was scared because I had to have a minor outpatient surgery done and I had never been through such a procedure. Their team was super professional, knowledgable, supportive and friendly. Every staff member treated me gently and educated me of what needed to be done. and why it needed to be done. Special thanks to Dr. Erica Weiss and Dr. Kim Tan and their teams as they made everything go smoothly and took any fear that I had away. The customer service and bedside manner are amazing here. If you want to be supported and improve your health, then look no further! (11 months ago)

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