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4647 ZION AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92120
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Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Diego is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Diego does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - San Diego is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The staff here is so nice. My daughter broke her foot a while back and ended up here. The nurses and doctors were so wonderful with her and caring. I hope we never end up back here, but if we do, I won't be worried about the staff treating us well. (a month ago)

Where people go to die and doctors lie for a pay day. I should of known whyll laying in the ER with the curtain shut listening to a doctor yell " this is a money making business, you get patient in and out. You shouldn't be spending more than 15 minutes unless necessary. Remember the goal is to get them in and out as fast as possible! What are you guys doing,!" That my experience here would be nothing short of a nightmare. After having incredibly botched surgery elsewhere. Being referred out by 3 surgeons in result of said surgery due to my stomach which used to measure 34 inches and is now swollen to 45 inches. I have pain so bad I've lost my job, I can't walk, month's of working with the best internist. Resulted with me needing surgery immediately. Saw a second doctor same thing. Got a cat scan same thing. So I start jumping through the insurance hoops. The pain is so bad now I'm barely surviving my 70 year old dad insisted I go to kaiser with his blind faith. We get there THEY SAY I NEED SURGERY!!!!! They keep me there over night for the first time in 2 months I slept. They gave me hope. I wake up they admit me surgery is scheduled wonderful nurse Rosa has my morning planned. I not off. I wake up to straight chaos. The most evil unsympathetic vulgar rude disgustingly inhumane nurse named Adrianna was there she asked me a question I was still half asleep. She ran out of the room like a rat with a prize. Came back and attempted to give me all these meds,orally. I said no I'm having surgery and she said "that's not happening now" whatever she decided to take upon herself us ruining my life but it gets,worse. The charge nurse comes in. She can't even be in charge of her own health grossly overweight and incredibly rude she too tells me info that only my doctor should know and have access too. Then doctor Shinh comes in the Grim Reaper and Queen of contradictions. She keeps making reasons why theyre not doing the surgery when 3 other people including her colleagues stated it needed to be done. My stomach is 10 inches bigger around than it was 2 months ago. I've gain 20lb since Thursday. I'm in so much pain my dad carried me in. I explained to her I had been on antibiotics for nearly 2 months and was allergic to cephalexin. Her resolution. Prescribe antibiotics. DISCHARGE. NO SURGERY. NO HELP. JUST AN INEPT POWER WEILDING DOLT. She then discharges with FALSE papers stating they performed the procedure!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she prescribes me cephalexin the antibiotic I'm allergic to!! If you go to Kaiser and you get Dr Shin Young female glasses. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Your nurse Arianna. Don't talk. She will hurt you on purpose. This is not hospital. Like the dr said money making business they made their money then lied and they did surgery. Now I do get help???????? I'm throwing in pain. I can't move. What did I do ? I wish my life would of been worth more to you. I meant A lot to so many people. You took that away. I can't live like this. May God help your soul. I've suffered enough. One month later blisters all over my body from pain blackie nowt having seizures had a plan. Then porne stash came in doctor mccorkle and told the beautiful nice Winnie that it was canceled and that I could lay there in sufferer for the next 12 hours. Prior to that the nurse had popped a 6" blister on my wrist and failed to wrap after I had asked her multiple times and from her butt fingers she gave me cellulitis among another Flash eating bacteria and it is completely eaten away my tattoo in my skin they did not treat me they did not do anything they refused treatment altogether all they did was cat scanned and llof areas that were not injured and not even part of my complaint I had a blister on my arm and I had a bruise on my other arm I was having blackouts and passing out from pain and as they did I cats down of my stomach and in a Sydney home with absolutely nothing to cover my wounds and I have now been to my internets and I have seizures and that is what's being going on and they should have treated my a pain like a normal person (a week ago)

Great location. Excellent staff. 5 Stars. (a month ago)

Saved my father in laws life, set up a Whipple operation and we all fought like crazy to arrange this extremely complicated operation which requires a lot of talented surgeons to work together. He is still with us. (a week ago)

had several surgeries here, major ones. absolutely awesome doctors and nurses. checked credentials of doctors and found them to be top-rate. (4 months ago)

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