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Find the Kaiser Permanente Orange County Medical Center facility at: 3440 E. La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA ... and encouraged at the Anaheim Medical Center hospital.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Orange County - Anahe is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, CA.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Orange County - Anahe does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Orange County - Anahe is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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At first I was nervous to try out Kraiser for the first time due to bad experiences I had with other hospitals. I came here in urgent and was admitted and taken care as smooth as possible. The staff and even the doctor were very helpful due to my deafness. In the end, I’ve left the hospital better, happier, and at ease. I believe I’ve picked out the perfect doctor/hospital for me and soon will get my family involved with Kaiser. Thank you for taking care of me, Ali. (a month ago)

It's a great hospital great staff and Docters... Dr. Christopher Michael Owen MD, M.D. is the best Nerosurgen he is polite caring and respectful towards his patient ....appreciate for how he treated and cared for my Dad Bruno...thank you all at Kaiser.... (a week ago)

I have never been an in-patient at a hospital before but I love it here! The nurses and other staff are all so nice and understanding and the food is so great - I know we've all heard stories about hospital food, but the food here, for a hospital, is not only pleasant looking, but great tasting as well. You can order straight off the menu they give you in the room and if the doctor gives you the OK to eat whatever, go for it (My aunt, who came to visit, was even jealous of what I was able to order here). Mostly everything is good here - even if you're visiting someone in hospital or waiting in the clinic (their Cafe is also great). All the staff do their jobs well, the place is clean, and genuinely care for your well being and genuinely want you out of the hospital as fast as possible (best Kaiser staff I've ever came across) - even the student nurses are great (I was in the care of two during my stay). Even when I was waiting in the clinic downstairs, they were great! Hospital rooms are also spacious with plenty of room for not only the staff to walk around to treat you, but your visitors as well. The bathrooms also have showers and they will provide you with all your toiletries if you just ask. This place also doesn't smell like "hospital" or like the antiseptic they use to clean and sterilize everything so it doesn't really feel like the hospital. Staff treats you like family and as an individual as well. All in all, if I had to, I definitely would come back here~! Shoutout to Dennis, Josie, Kimberly, Cristian, Pattie, and Angel (and some others who took care of me, and whose names I can't remember) who are some of the best nurses ever! Along with being blessed with an amazing hospital and nurses and doctors, I was also blessed with an amazing view! (7 months ago)

Who would have ever thought that a visit to the doctor or Healthcare in general could be such an incredibly peaceful and Serene experience. Kaiser Permanente is really showing the way for the healthcare industry and everyone else should follow suit. Preventive Healthcare with a mind-body approach is so awesome! (2 months ago)

Cannot say enough good things! Staff is wonderful! Received excellent care. (3 months ago)

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