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FRESNO, CA 93720

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente Fresno. As your partner in health, we are committed to helping you meet your personal health goals.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Fresno is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fresno County, CA.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Fresno does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Fresno is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 830 AM – 800 PM
Tuesday 830 AM – 800 PM
Wednesday 830 AM – 800 PM
Thursday 830 AM – 800 PM
Friday 830 AM – 800 PM
Saturday 830 AM – 500 PM
Sunday 830 AM – 500 PM

Location and Directions


Went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. The woman that helped me must have woken up on the wrong side of customer service. I was in line and heard, "can I help you?" Don't think that was the best way to speak to a member you have never met. Scanned my card, got my prescription, and got the rudest thank you. You can tell someone is upset or mad. She got my prescription out of the container and threw the empty container into one of the basket bin in the counter. She could have just placed it inside, but tossed it instead. Maybe she had a rough Saturday night and didn't want to come in. Maybe she's covering a shift. Maybe she's having relationship problems. Whatever was bothering her, she had no problem showing it. It must have been bring your problems to work day. I hope they put up flyers next time so I know what days to avoid. Overall, kaiser is pretty great. Don't let a bad Apple spoil the bunch. (in the last week)


Watch your belongings. This person strolls thru the halls and departments looking to steal. . He has stolen employee purses, and other items. Security caught him on camera, but nothing has been done to prevent his return. He's been spotted there several times since latest purse and car theft . Security's response has been "Yea, we saw him. We watched him on video going from floor to floor" & the famous line "What do you want me to do about it?" Beware of your surroundings and watch after hospitalized loved ones.Seems Kaisers security is ignoring the issue. They posted this pic inside hospital for workers. (a month ago)

Disgrace the nurses are the rudest! My cousin was having her baby and there were members of the family waiting in the waiting room.. We were in such a happy mood, the nurses were extremely rude on the night of 01.22.2018 around 10-11( there was a very tall, mid aged glasses Caucasian nurse that was just evil and bitter) she literally called my cousin that was admitted to tell us to leave. We went home and did not have any conversation with that specific nurse because we were so disgusted and did not want to make a scene ruining our happiness. She was just evil and was irritated to see bunch of happy people. Then my cousin had her baby and they made so much mistakes, like she signed that she does not want her kid to have a certain shot, and they gave her baby the shot and other things that showed how careless some of the nurses were there. One of the nurses was super rude to my mom that was simply standing in the hallway and minding her own business. The last day when my cousin was being discharged from the hospital, my sister came with her two children. 10 and 6 years old. We kindly asked is they can stand inside the doors, because my sister needed to come in and get some stuff helping my cousin. They carelessly said no children are not allowed they can stand outside of the doors. Which is dangerous for children. It's true some nurses were nice and we are thankful that they helped my cousin have the baby, but they have made so much mistakes that especially from kaiser no one would expect. I have kaiser insurance but I am looking to change, because at least the birth center was ridiculous I have had experiences in St. Agnes and both Clovis and Fresno communities and the nurses there are so wonderful. They show that they care for people and are actually there to help you with something instead of being there. (3 months ago)

Very good service. Helpful staff and nurses. (a month ago)

Unexpertised neurologist, Even layman person can find out more about interventions of particular diagnosis than their neurologist. It's joke. Be very care ful if they are treating your symptom but not treating the casuse of symptoms. If doctor Does not consider your opinion then change the doctor coz u knows better about your body. Thanks (2 months ago)

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