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Kadlec Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Benton County, WA.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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We brought my 80 year old mother, in a wheelchair, to the ER on a Sunday evening. If you can avoid such a thing, I recommend it. The ER was moderately busy. The triage was good, the service was fast and the outcome was better than I expected. Everyone from the nurses, to the guy who moved her bed was one hundred percent compassionate, respectful and well, just good people. She is still at Kadlec so I will update this review when our time with them is completed. So far, so good. (a year ago)

I had my baby here and wished for a better experience. Out of my stay, I only had ONE great nurse out of about 6 that took care of me and my baby. Before my baby came, the person taking my blood was clearly very ill. He coughed in his hands without washing them and then put on a pair of gloves. Before my baby came, I asked that we would wait for the umbilical cord to quit pumping before clamping and cutting. They did just the opposite! They instantly clamped and cut it when she came. I thought that they would put my baby a hospital outfit on her as I seen they did to my fiances sisters baby but they didn't. They left her bare and naked with only a diaper and hat on. Then one of the nurses was making excuses as to why they never put her a shirt on and why they did to other mothers babies. Most of the nurses seemed as if they didn't like their job as to why they didn't give us great quality care. I'm disappointed when I think of having my baby here. Maybe other mothers had a better experience, I just wish mine went better than it did. (a year ago)

Terrible place to go. Went to the emergency room and the nurse their was doing the best she could, but it is apparent the new management has cut costs and by doing that the patients feel it. We brought our toddler in with a 104 degree temp and was having extreme breathing difficulties. We waited for over a hour and a half and still were never seen - the worst part was there were people before us who had been there for 2 hours. As a side note - this is anecdotal evidence and I would advocate reading other reviews to make your own determination - I had spoken with a previous employee who mentioned the new managements agenda was to cut costs by reducing staff size on shifts increasing the work load for those who were working. What we observed was confirmation for us when we took our toddler in. We ended up driving 20 minutes to Trios in Kennewick where we were seen right away. Although the drive was inconvenient I am happy we left because the Trios staff was concerned enough to admit our son immediately. I know Trios will probably never be in Richland, but if a Trios executive reads this I do hope you consider somewhere in the Richland area because the Kadlec product is terrible. (9 months ago)

This service is the worst one I have seen before, when you want to check in, you need to stay long time, when you check in, their devices which are used in primary checking are old and stupid tools. No one care about you inside the room, they care about registration your entrance only, yesterday, a nurse finished and left and the doctor did not come to see my patient until I went outside my room to say "my patient slept", the doctor came to talk to me as slave but not human, then she said that there will a dose will give to my patient, I think she said, we have to give the patient that dose or I may be have to do, anyway, we waited long time and nothing happened, we left the room and found tens of staff enjoy their time and none asked us where and why we want to leave and none even look at us, simply we felt as a slave, I wondered from the description of this room, they either don't care about us because we look like international or because they came to this job for just get paid. The urgent care centers care you more than this bad service in the room (a year ago)

Emergency surgery with orthopedic surgeon everyone explained everything really well, extremely nice and very professional. (9 months ago)

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