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3580 WEST 9000 SOUTH, WEST JORDAN, UT 84088
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3580 WEST 9000 SOUTH

Welcome Jordan Valley Medical Center is a 171-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in West Jordan, Utah. We offer comprehensive healthcare services, including ...

Jordan Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Salt Lake County, UT.

Jordan Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jordan Valley Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I went in for a what I thought would be an easy lab draw. Wrong! I was told on Thursday to go to the register desk by the ER on Saturday for my draw. Which no one was at when I got there on Saturday! So I go to the main entrance to find anyone to help me know where to go. Again no one to be found. So I notice there is courtesy phone to call the hospital operator. So I call and all she tells me is that I'm in the wrong location, and won't let me explain why I'm at this location. She becomes extremely rude and just keeps repeating your in the wrong area. I then hang up on her due to her belligerent treatment of me. So I then walk into the ER side this is the only place there are people! I ask the nice gentleman if there is anyway he can help me know if there is anyone in the registration area that can register me, so I can get my blood draw done finally. Keep in mind this is more then an hour at this point. He then says "just step over to the ER registration area ands see if they can help you". So I do and the girl there says yes I can help you. So I sit down and start the process. She immediately gets irritated with the computer and asks a fellow registrar " what that freaking code were use you register a new patient". To which I am not pleased with the connotation of the word" freaking". Well after that further bad experience. I ask where to find the lab. She gave me wrong directions. So I was stuck wandering around trying to find the lab. Luckily the lab techs were the only saving grace of this whole experience. They were very nice, accommodating and friendly. So there's my experience with the weekend staff of this hospital. (a month ago)

My Mother went through an intensive surgery where a mass the size and weight of a cantaloupe was removed from her stomach. Doc did an incredible job on the surgery, but the nurses themselves "FORGOT" to turn her hydration/nutrition IV on for more than 4 hours after the surgery was done and she was laying in her hospital bed. She was so dehydrated to the point where they had to poke her 3 different times when attempting to draw blood, because none would come out. This caused her an excessive amount of pain that I can't imagine. I'd rather have my dog take care of my Mother than these nurses, it would do a better job. If you read this, please avoid putting any care of any family member into the hands of these nurses... (in the last week)

We just delivered our second baby at this hospital and our stay this time was just as good as the first. Labor and delivery was very accommodating. They have various options available to labor and the staff was helpful and kind. Post partum was equally hospitable. The food was good and the guest bed in the room was better than expected. (2 weeks ago)

My wife's doctor only delivers in two hospitals and Jordan Valley was the one that takes our insurance, so we knew early on it was were we would go. As we got closer to her due date, I started to read reviews for the hospital. I became very worried upon reading many bad reviews and it even gave me some anxiety because it was our first child. However, I can say that our experience was nothing less than amazing. Every doctor or nurse that we dealt with was extremely kind and helpful.They were very good about answering all our questions given we are first time parents. The room my wife stayed in was very nice and the bed I slept on, while not the best bed ever, was better than I expected. The food they brought her was actually pretty good and there was even one meal where I was given food too. If there are any negatives about our whole experience they are very minor and insignificant. I would be more than fine having any future children born at Jordan Valley. (a month ago)

Not bad so far. The medical staff are all very nice and polite. The aesthetics of the place inside and out could definitely use some work, though. (in the last week)

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