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Health Care You Can Count On. Johnston Health is Johnston County's health care system. Established in 1951, the flagship hospital in Smithfield has 149 acute care ...

Johnston Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnston County, NC.

Johnston Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Johnston Health is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I had to go in for catherization, and I must shout my rating to everyone in NC!! This hospital by far has the sweetest staff ever! All the people I encountered today from the registration desk, to the surgical floor, and operating room, back to outpatient room to discharge you. OMG they we're the best nurses, and staff I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I can't begin to thank you all enough in helping me get through my catherization of my heart. So happy to hear that Dr.Hook gave me such good news when I was told no blockages! I was told I met you in the O-R and that I was talking to you ,but I don't remember a thing once I was injected with something that put me in La- La -Land! Thanks again, Faye Morrison 5/1/18 (3 weeks ago)

I am an insured with the Blue across Blue Shield State Plan. I live in Johnston County. I have recently discovered that the UNC Johnston Hospital in Smithfield has contracted with emergency room physicians Schumacher Clinical Partners. While the hospital is in-network these physicians are not. They do this for explicit purpose that they can get more money from you the insured and there is no savings for us the insureds by their contracting with the insurance company. This is called “balance billing” and is illegal in several states. Schumacher will tell you they do not balance bill to get you to send them the money BCBS sends you to pay them but then they turn around and do just that. It is a way for the hospital, emergency doctors and insurance companies to collude together and we the insureds are left paying more for services than we should. I would appeal to this hospital to stop this practice. It is bad enough you are going to them at a time when you are in need and need help that you then get taken advantage of because you are trying to be responsible by going to an in-network hospital only to be re-injured financially by being hit with the full cost for the emergency doctor’s bill. If you have a choice go to another hospital for emergency services. If you are insured with BCBS State Plan, please join with me in reporting this situation to the NC Attorney General and NC Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Thank you! (2 weeks ago)

I have been to this hospital many times with my children & grandson. I have also been to many "high dollar" hospitals. They all have one thing in common, they aren't perfect! I've had bad experiences in all & I've had good experiences in all. My grandson was born here & I wasn't impressed with the maternity wards appearance especially after seeing others in the big hospitals. But my daughter & grandson were taken care of. She had a c section. My oldest daughter had major surgery here after an accident many years ago & she was treated well. She goes their often to the ER/Urgent care when needed & she is treated well most of the time. She is mentally challenged. In every medical facility there will be good & not great people. But remember that when you go to get treatment anywhere it is always emotional. Medical people are taught to do their job without getting emotionally involved in the moment. Their concern is helping the injured & making sure theres no life threatening issues, if none, then they get to wait.. I always get so frustrated when I have to wait for long times, especially if it's a minor injury or sickness. ER's have to treat the ones with life treatening issues 1st. As for the ones who are admitted, believe me, I've seen my share of ill natured nurses who are only there for a pay check. They are in every hospital & work every shift. Fortunately there are more nurses who do care & do their job well. I rank Johnson Health as average because I don't believe there are perfect hospitals but there are bad ones. (3 months ago)

Way to many problems to list, I’m not sure how this facility remains open. My mother spent two days in this “hospital” and we never once saw or spoke to a doctor. Rather than speak with us face to face the nursing staff called us on our home phone while we were in the waiting area - they said they were too busy to see us in person....After day two of my mother’s issue not being resolved we took her out of this hospital. All of the other negative reviews are 100% accurate. Let’s put it this way - if I got shot in the parking lot of this hospital, I would refuse treatment at this facility and demand to be taken somewhere else. DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY. DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY. (4 months ago)

The hospital is the reason that my Mama is dead. The 2nd and 3rd floor doctor's and nurses neglected her needs and gave her too potassium and other medicine that resulted in her death June 8, 2017. The hospital needs to be closed permanently. I turned the doctor's and staff in to the NC medical board but it was useless. They didn't do anything. If you or a love one is sick I urge you to not go to this hospital. (5 months ago)

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