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Health Care You Can Count On. Johnston Health is Johnston County's health care system. Established in 1951, the flagship hospital in Smithfield has 149 acute care ...

Johnston Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnston County, NC.

Johnston Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Johnston Health is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I left feeling as bad if not worse as I did when I arrived. I also left with the biggest bruise I've ever had in my life from a little blood work too so, thanks for that. Had only I felt well enough to check the ratings of this ER prior to going there, I would have rode the extra few miles to a better facility where people actually know what they're doing. (4 weeks ago)

This is such a wonderful place to work for! 2 East/2nd Brightleaf has the sweetest and most caring staff I have ever worked with! (2 weeks ago)

I began vomiting on Saturday evening and it did not stop until 11:00 pm on Sunday. I am a 29 year old woman with a good job and have never been without health insurance until recently because ironically my enrollment with my new company was scheduled for Monday (today) at 8:00 am. I could not keep down clear liquids and I knew I needed to be at work on Monday morning so I sucked up not wanting to spend an arm and a leg at the ER and just went because I knew my body wouldn’t rehydrate or get better on it’s own. I get to this hospital and I check in then they say they have no beds available. I waited as long as I could and then said my lips are tingling and I know I am about to pass out. Please just put my in the hallway on the floor and start an IV. PLEASE!!! Some Blonde with curly hair and red on finally comes over and says “Wilson” at this point I’m barely able to stay alert and her one and only job was to get me to the room. My boyfriend had to say she needs a wheelchair. The ONLY KIND WOMAN IS NAMED BERNEICE! She came running to me with a warm blanket and you could just tell she was a kind soul. I get to my room and they know from my chart that I suffer from severe anxiety and that I don’t have Health insurance. I told them I ate something and a few other people got sick as well and that at this point I just am severely dehydrated and would like an IV and the least amount of tests as possible because I already paid $600.00 upfront just not be seen by them!The Nurse, Dave put in my IV and I said this hurts (I’ve never had one hurt so bad, I couldn’t move my arm) he poked it and I threw up on my bed. Did that hurt he says? YES DAVE, why do you think I just threw up on the bed as you touched it Dave? This man seriously didn’t even care or try to. I called to ask for the Drs name today, two people refused to tell me who treated me and then finally a Sarah hesitantly said it’s Dr Hogan and that’s all that I can tell you. Well the Doctor came into the room and refused to give me anything for the stress and anxiety I was experiencing after he and all of the loud gossiping nurses and cops talked loudly outside the Rooms. FYI, we can all hear you and you should try working more and talking less, especially about YOUR PATIENTS. I told the Dr. he was making me worse by turning on all of the lights and talking to me so rudely. I even asked if he was treating me differently for not having Insurance? He then tells me to just leave and my boyfriend should be back soon. I asked that he leave my room because he was not acting like a Dr. He along with the nurse were the two most unprofessional and uncaring individuals I have ever met in the medical field. At one point during my now anxiety attack I had to unhook myself because I couldn’t get help. I went to the sink and vomited and I really wanted to get to a rest room. I go to the rest room, cry a bit and wash my hands. As I am grabbing for a paper towel it’s Nurse Dave with a Cop pounding on the door to the restroom! Why? I still have no freaking idea. Why in the world does this hospital have more armed officers than employees? Or janitors? Because I saw gnats flying around my gross room. Dave and the Officer were about to touch me as Bernice came running to the rescue and held me and said “we met when you first got here, let’s go back to your room” as she shielded the officer from me. She knew I was ill from my stomach but that the Dr & Nurse set off my anxiety by treating me so poorly. She held me and talked me down so I could calm down and I appreciate her and truly only her.I will never be going back to this place even if it is the closest ER to my house. I would rather die on my way to Raleigh than even step foot in this awful place that should by no question be shut down. I am truly traumatized from what I just experienced. I’m finally no longer vomiting but can barely keep my eyes open because I’m so mentally drained from what I just experienced. My arm where the IV was is so bruised and painful. Care services please call me because when I called, you hung up. (a week ago)

The Emergncy area of this place was dreadful. I brought some in that was very irritable and the staff seam to treat that person worse. No professional bearing or dedication to help. It felt as if we were unwelcome and it was a burden to meet simple needs. Take the time to drive into Raleigh, this place should be SHUT DOWN! (a week ago)

Come in with leg pain and a history of blood clots sends me to do and ultrasound after the ultrasound came back negative the DR. (DR RONALD E) just basically gave up on me wrote me a prescription for naproxen after i had told him i had been taking naproxen and it wasnt helping told him 5 times the pain wasnt in my joints still wanted to continue to ask if the pain was in any other joints... Its not even in the first joint why would it be in any other joints. Then baiscally called me lazy and told me my leg just needed to be stretched... I walk over 5 miles a day my leg doesnt need to bw stretched. Then after I requested it to be xrayed incase it was a stress fracture dr. Came back after x-ray and says "its just kind of a mystery at this point" as if i wasnt aware of that already ... The "mystery" pain is the whole point i sat here for 4 hours for you to write me and my balloon sized leg off as if i were faking. DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS HOSPITAL FIND SOMEWHERE THAT ACTUALLY CARES. (in the last week)

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