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John Randolph Medical Center is a 147-bed facility committed and dedicated to serving the entire Tri-Cities Region. We've also recently opened TriCities Emergency ...

John Randolph Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hopewell City County, VA.

John Randolph Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

John Randolph Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Annoying: They never really figured out what was wrong with me! I feel they should have been more pro-active since it has to do with my heart. I was given tests but not the results. They just said they couldn't find anything wrong. I know there is something wrong as the EMTs saw it on their monitor on the way to hospital. My heart was not beating right. I am to do a follow up appointment but with my primary care. I was given a Stress Test and Imaging Tests in Hospital and can't believe nothing was seen as SOMETHING is causing my heart to get "off beat" every now and then and it is not stress. Another issue was that I was told I would have a test in the morning (admitted the night before) and I couldn't have anything to eat until after my test,"first thing" the next morning. Well, when I woke up the next morning I was brought a breakfast tray. I told the girl (either RN or Aide) that I was not supposed to eat anything. She said "yeah, you can, I didn't see anything in your orders" in a way that suggested that I didn't know what I was talking about.Then another nurse came in, freaked and said "what are you doing with that tray, your not supposed to eat anything!" which I hadn't-- D'uh! So, clearly there was a problem with communication during shift change or someone didn't read my chart--who knows. Also, I had been told that I'd be able to go home soon after the test if everything looked OK (this was Christmas Eve). Had the test around noon. Waited all day and was told nothing. So, I had to stay another night. Finally, I was released around 11 a.m. on Christmas Day after one of the four Doctors I had seen said I must have pulled a muscle in my chest!not!WASTE OF TIME for me AND they had me listed as "an outpatient under observation" even though I was in that Hospital the whole time and they gave me some kind of shots in my stomach. Turns out I was charged a lot more due to how my stay was listed. Also, I found out I have severe Sleep Apnea during dental work shortly after and the hospital didn't even notice my oxygen dropping to 60% during my sleep. (in the last week)

They DO NOT care! MY GRANDPA DIED THERE! if I could I would rate it 0 stars I sure would! If you have the time go to a 5 star hospital. I think they should good out of business! (a month ago)

I mean honestly if I could give them negative 500 starts I would. They should be shut down completely. The floors enough in that place are so disgusting like they've never been mopped or disinfected. I went in there today because ive had a headache non-stop for 5 days. No big deal I wasn't expecting to be rushed back I'm ok with waiting, but when there's a woman walking around with a 1/3rd full vomit bag crying walking into the triage I swear I lost it. I walked right out of that place. This was only 1 experience. I have many, why I keep returning is the true question here. My sister in laws father went there with a blood clot in his arm and died a week later because it went to his lungs. Anyone I know that gets admitted literally dies within a week. Terrible place!! PLEASE SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a month ago)

ER visit: Went on a Saturday morning, waiting room was empty and we were seen immediately. Nurses and doctor kept us in the loop for medication being given and treatment plan. Hospital offers 20% off insurance copay if you pay during your visit. (3 months ago)

This facility disgusts me. My teen ran away and upon picking her up the police took her here. She has a severe history of mental illness to include suicide attempts, self harming etc.. they refused to TDO her because she gave consent to go to a treatment facility. That being said my husband then sat in their E.R for 23 hrs because she had to have a legal guardian there even though they told us at 17 she can consent to medical treatment or deny it. We were told were no beds anywhere in a facility for her and he couldnt leave until there were. He almost lost his job, had to take our 3 yr old to sit in hospital because i had to go to work. When shift change occured he approached the staff to ask about leaving for 30 minutes to take our child to day care. The staff said who are you and didnt even realize he had been sitting there overnight. Then they told him if he even stepped outside the facility it was abandonment. We were never ever informed of any meds they gave her, pregnancy test, urine test for drugs, bloodwork, not a single update....the staff were rude, did not communicate and this includes the director of nursing to whom he spoke to. He has not bathed, eaten a meal, slept nor saw hisvother kids since 9 pm lasy night and its now 6pm the following night. He just now is on the road to mcv following transport to mcv with her. Please dont send a animal here. The least empathetic, caring, or professional hospital i have ever seen (4 months ago)

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